A Note from the President (October 2004)

As soon as this new development was announced to our membership, the outcry against such a travesty could be heard from coast to coast! Immediately letters of support for the ISSR started pouring in! One of our members suggested that Shiloh Fanciers sign a petition sent to our club secretary that could then be forwarded to the UKC president via a binder, showing our unity in this matter.

The few members that have been privileged to read these letters, written from the  heart by sincere Shiloh Shepherd owners have been deeply moved.  Therefore I made an announcement on our SSDCA members forum asking the authors for permission to share just some of these letters via this web page.

Please take a few moments to sit back and meet some of these dedicated members of our Shiloh family!

Please note that in this small random sampling, we have, whenever possible, included pictures of the author's dog(s).

Letters are posted in the order in which we received permission to place them on these pages.

To the UKC:

I've been advised that you are considering registering dogs that have been purported to you to be "Shiloh Shepherds".

I know a little something about AUTHENTIC Shiloh Shepherds, having traveled to Gainesville, NY, USA in 1991 and having personally purchased one from the Breed Founder, Tina Barber, following about five years of personal investigation into GSD's and similar dogs.

The dog I obtained from her was truly exceptional and a testament to  her lifelong work; he was the smartest, handsomest, most trainable and most impressive dog I have ever owned. Even so, Tina Barber is still working to further perfect the Shiloh Shepherd breed, and the credit for the development of this breed (and for the NAME, "SHILOH SHEPHERD") belongs to her, and her alone.
Please be advised that if you are not dealing with Tina Barber and her licensed breeders and the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry (ISSR) you will NOT

be dealing with AUTHENTIC and GENUINE Shiloh Shepherds, and the inevitable result will be that the Shiloh Shepherd breed will suffer; purchasers of dogs which are purported to be Shiloh Shepherds, but which are not ISSR-registered dogs, will not be getting the quality they came to expect and will ultimately be unhappy; and the reputation and credibility of your own organization will ultimately suffer.

I urge you to investigate carefully and to view purported Shiloh Shepherds with skepticism. You will find that what I am telling you is true. Do not allow upstarts, renegades and poseurs to trade on and profit from the reputation that Tina Barber has worked all her life for.

Please feel free to contact me should you require additional information or wish to discuss this further. Thank you.


Stu Tarlowe  
Rosedale, Kansas  USA
An Analogy

Shiloh Shepherd and GSD fancier and Life Member, Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America

Dear Sir,

I have only yesterday learned that a few Splinter Group members have submitted an application for Breed Recognition to the UKC.  The Splinter coalition is a very small group of ex-ISSR people who left the ISSR. The Splinter people represent a small number compared to the ISSR and the SSDCA membership.  The splinters severed ties with the breed founder and the founding dog club (SSDCA) as well as the founding registry (ISSR) simply because they could not and would not adhere

to the strict rules and regulations set down by the breed founder for the protection and development of the Shiloh Shepherd dog.    I very much protest any UKC recognition of a few splinter people using highly inbred and unapproved outcross dogs and calling them Shiloh Shepherds.  The founder, the ISSR and the membership of the SSDCA strongly protest any recognition of the Shiloh Shepherd.    

If the stringent rules and regulations governing breeding and evaluation are cast aside (as they would be under UKC recognition)  decades of work will be lost and the Shiloh Shepherd will be destroyed.      

Stephen Betcher                                                            
Killeen, TX  76542

To: Wayne Cavanaugh
      United Kennel Club
      100 East Kilgore Rd.
      Kalamazoo, MI 49002-5584 

Dear Mr. Cavanaugh,

It is my understanding that you have been sent an "Application" for Breed Recognition of The Shiloh Shepherd. This application comes to you from a few "Dis-Heartened" Breeders. I am aware that the ISSR and the SSDCA has sent you a letter of "Disgust" in this matter. Rightly so. I am appalled that an organization such as the United Kennel Club, Respected for many many many years is even entertaining the idea.

This club that has petitioned you for recognition does not have the necessary "Gene Pool" to properly develop this breed. They also do not have the LMX Data, or Access to the Relationship Coefficient Numbers. That is correct, Mr Cavanaugh, The Shiloh Shepherd is a Breed Still Under Development. To give access and recognition of this "Fragile Breed", to these "Dissidents" at this time, would be to destroy The Shiloh Shepherd. I assure you Mr Cavanaugh, we will not let that happen.

Be very careful, Mr. Cavanaugh. These other dogs thay are trying to pass off as Shiloh Shepherds, ARE NOT!!!   They are an uncontrolled mixture of many many dogs.

I am a Member In Good Standing with the ISSR and the SSDCA. My wife and I are enrolled in the breed founder's Official Shiloh Shepherd Academy  where we will become Licensed Breeders within the ISSR. Currently, we own one Shiloh Shepherd. Her name is Serenity Hills Golden Orca of Zion aka "Orca".  We are a Licensed business within the State of Kentucky, listed as Serenity Hill Shiloh's. I have included some pictures of her with my children.

We will be purchasing another breeding female this fall from a Licensed Breeder with the ISSR. Next year we intend to purchase two more breeding females, again ONLY  from a Licensed ISSR Breeder. When we begin our Breeding Program in the fall of 2005, we will ONLY register our Litters with the ISSR. Our current plans are to have two litters a year starting in the year 2005. All will ONLY be registered with the ISSR.

I "Painstakingly" researched this breed for two years. I talked with several breeders, not all with the ISSR. After my exhaustive research, I found the ISSR and the SSDCA to be The ONLY Registry. Their Professionalism was "Un Matched". Their Knowledge was "Un Surpassed". Their Shiloh Shepherds are "UN Equalled".

Also, it is clear to everyone, that  Tina Barber is the ONLY recognized Breed Founder of these magnificent dogs, The Shiloh Shepherd. That was one main reason, I purchased from an ISSR Breeder. Even on the other kennel websites, many many also recognize Tina Barber as the Breed Founder of The Original Shiloh Shepherd. By name.

So, we must ask ourselves, Why? Why did some leave the ISSR and the SSDCA?

And then try and "Steal" the Shiloh Shepherd Name and gain recognition with the UKC.

The answer Mr. Cavanaugh, is simple, G R E E D!!!  The Kennel Clubs are supposed to have the best interest of the dogs in mind. That was the vision of the United Kennel Club's founders, many years ago.

I am sure, after careful thought and consideration, you will  D E N Y  this request of theirs. As an owner and avid Dog Lover, I ask that you read all the evidence being presented to you. I then must ask you to  D E N Y  this request.

Thank you, very much for taking the time to read this.

Yvette and Willie Lass
Serenity Hill Shiloh's
Flatwoods, KY           

October 17, 2004

United Kennel Club
100 East Kilgore Road
Kalamazoo, MI  49002-5584 

Mr. Wayne A.  Cavanaugh,

I am an elected Board of Advisors member of the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc.  I have been a member of the above club since 1999.  I am also the Membership Coordinator for the SSDCA Inc.; a member of the Genetic Task Force; a breeder licensed with the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry Inc and the owner of CH City Brick’s Shadrack of Zion and Jr. CH CB’s Mesheck Zion Highlander, two male Shiloh Shepherds.

As a member of the Board of Advisors of the SSDCA Inc and an ISSR licensed breeder, it is my obligation to stay aware of events that could have a negative impact not only on the membership of the SSDCA Inc, but also of the dogs I am under license to breed.

Whether it is rumor or fact, the possibility of a group of non-licensed dog breeders seeking UKC acceptance and approval of their dogs as a Shiloh Shepherd breed disturbs me greatly.  Over the past several weeks I have become familiar with the UKC rules and goals as stated on the UKC website.  I understand the long, proud heritage of UKC is something you and your organization strive to protect and enhance.  That is also one of my goals in the SSDCA Inc. The SSDCA Inc has been legally incorporated as the Parent Club for the ISSR Inc since 1991. 

We seek not only to promote but also to protect our breed under development.  Our international membership is organized into approved chapters that include not only all regions of the United States, but also parts of Canada and Europe.   Our goals are simple, yet complicated for our breed under development.  We strive to further the Shiloh Shepherd as envisioned by Breed Founder, Tina Barber.  Her kennel name has been used to represent the dogs produced by ISSR Inc. licensed breeders.  The ISSR Inc.  stud books remain open to allow for careful, selected outcrosses to be used for future genetic enhancement.  We have not reached the point yet where a breed recognition with all that implies would be beneficial.

I am sure you are aware that in any large organization, it is impossible to please everyone.  Decisions that are made for the benefit of the whole can anger individuals.  Yet, for an organization to remain true to its charter, the whole must take precedence over the few.  The few who are angered do sometimes seek to go off on their own to promote their own agendas.

This, in my opinion, is what the group who seek to use the UKC to legitimize their discontent is attempting to do.  The group that comprises the applicant officers has a small slice of the original lines bred by Tina Barber, the Breed Founder of Shiloh Shepherds.  Those “lines” are several generations removed and recently intermingled with many different outcrosses.  To my knowledge, one faction has used two different German Shepherd Dogs; another lays claim to breeding AKC German Shepherd Dogs and breeding the same dogs to “shiloh” lines.  Yet another states that they are using AKC German Shepherd Dogs that trace back to original shiloh lines.  True enough that group has multiple lines, but they should rightly be considered German Shepherd Dog crosses, not Shiloh Shepherds.  Because of the heavy influence of the multiple, recent AKC German Shepherd Dogs used, the dogs produced will most closely resemble that breed. 

Nowhere would such a mixture be deemed a “breed”.

The group involved in the application for breed recognition has no history of organizing a parent club.  Their individual agendas have always precluded the necessary cooperative effort that requires.  They can point to no “breed” wide accomplishments and no long-term membership support.  Their poor attempt at imitation can be seen in their suggested use of the initials ISSC that so closely resembles the ISSR Inc.  It is my opinion that they seek to use the UKC to add credibility to their efforts that no other legitimate dog organization would provide.

Mr. Cavanaugh, if the UKC deems the applicants worthy of recognition, I am asking that you and your organization require that a unique name be used that represents that groups’ efforts - a unique name that in no way seeks to imitate or capitalize on the history and work of the SSDCA Inc, the ISSR Inc and Tina Barber as Breed Founder of Shiloh Shepherds. 


Corinne D. Filipski
Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America Inc. – Board of Advisors
Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America Inc. – Membership Coordinator
International Shiloh Shepherd Registry Inc. – Licensed Breeder
City Brick Kennels of Buffalo, NY


I am writing this letter to express my feelings about the UKC possibly accepting the "Shiloh Shepherd" into their registry.  I am absolutely against this being allowed to happen, and I completely support Tina Barber and her decades of work developing this breed. 

The group that is attempting to get their so called Shiloh Shepherds into the UKC is being led by a small group of people that are former members of our club.  They left, or were asked to leave, because they did not want to work within our club and registry rules or work under the direction of the breed founder who has set the ultimate path for the development of her breed.

These dissident breeders have started numerous registries over the years to attempt to compete with the ISSR, only to see each of them crash and then be reorganized under new names as their internal alliances have shifted.  They have not been able to band together or work together long enough to gain the recognition they desire because they haven't been able to stop the fighting amongst their ever-shifting factions.

Due to the number of times that these people have split and shifted alliances between themselves I would be critical of the accuracy of their record keeping and wary of the trustworthiness of the documentation on their dogs.  After all, all of these breeders (after leaving the ISSR) have been printing their registration papers off on home computers in their own home based registries... what better way to fake data and mess with pedigrees.   At each fight and subsequent split, data has surely been lost and has had to be creatively 'recreated' to make it look acceptable enough for them to attempt to buffalo their way into the UKC.

As all of this bickering and fighting has been going on between these rogue breeders, they lost what credibility they may once have had in the dog world.  Many have had difficulty selling their puppies and their quest for UKC recognition is strictly for their own monetary gain, not for the good of the breed.  They desire to get their dogs into the UKC because they feel that it will give them much needed coordination and the credibility that they sorely lack.  They feel that UKC recognition will finally give them the ability to sell their dogs to the unknowing public with 'real' registration papers.  Many of the puppies that they currently are registering as Shiloh Shepherds are nothing more than German Shepherd mixes.  Due to their extremely small gene pool and unknowledgeable breeding choices they have had to heavily resort to numerous "crosses" to attempt to correct severe health and temperament issues.  All of this tampering with their 'verson' of the breed has taken it further and further from the true path that Tina Barber has set for the original ISSR Shilohs.

Please be assured that the many thousands of ISSR supporters are right now being organized to publicly fight for the integrity of our breed.  We are furious over the proposed induction of the splinter breeder's dogs into the UKC and will do everything possible to publicize the atrocity that is being perpetuated against Tina Barber and the breed that she is still developing.

Is the paltry sum of money that would be raised by registering this small group of dogs worth sullying the UKC's reputation?  We ask you to deny admittance of these rogues and their mixed breed dogs to the UKC.

 - Debbie Knatz
  SSDCA Advisory Board Member
  Genetic Task Force Member
  Shepherd's Ridge

Please listen and research before you do anything regarding recognizing the Shiloh Shepherd.  It is imperative that the TRUE Shiloh Shepherd be recognized in order for the breed to flourish and for its longevity.  The founder of the breed has very strict guidelines to ensure that the quality of the breed is maintained. 

It would be a travesty if you were to accept

the application. I  am pleading with you not to honor the application and please investigate the true history of the breed before making any decision.

Thomas P. Gunther
California State Park Ranger  

I'm writing this to try and stop the confusion.  There is no other Shiloh than the ISSR Shiloh Shepherd.  It's a shame that we now have to say ISSR instead of just Shiloh Shepherd, but that is what greed does to people.  They see someone making lots of money, and want the same thing too, but without all the hard work that went into it.  Now they don't only want the money, but they want to close the books on a breed in transition. 

Tina Barber looked at the American German shepherd and

didn't like the health of the dog at all.  So she went about creating the dog that used to be.  This involved taking dogs other than GSD's and breeding them together.  She is getting close to that dream, but isn't there yet.  Which means the breed is STILL in transition, and STILL needs new blood in it.  I'm sure when Tina is done she will let you know.

I feel silly telling people I have a ISSR Shiloh shepherd, cause it isn't a real Shiloh yet.  My dog is the building blocks of a dog that is yet to be.  These other people haven't put in decades of breeding, and building a genetic blue print to follow.  In fact anyone who says they have anything but an ISSR Shiloh isn't breeding within the plan.

Tina didn't take her GDS mixes and pass them off as German shepherds.  Please don't let these people try to pass their dogs off as Shiloh Shepherds, because they are not.  If your going to make a public ruling on this please take the time to do some research into this matter before making a decision.

 I not only own a "real" ISSR Shiloh Shepherd, but am a member of the SSDCA.  I will not take kindly your undermining all of our hard work in getting this dog to where it's going.  Please, it's NOT a finished breed yet.  Please talk with the breed founder Tina Barber.

I am against this move.

Katherine E. Schuele
Dog:  Zion's Sun Devil
SSDCA member

In response and support to the following e-mail from the Shiloh Shepherd Breed Founder Tina Barber:   How sad that a group of people would claim to represent the Shiloh Shepherd breed as a new club request through the UKC when they really don’t have the right to. I have a Shiloh Shepherd and in order for one of these dogs to be called an ISSR Shiloh Shepherd they must be registered by the ISSR. Tina Barber does own this “breed.”  Please listen to the breed founder, Tina Barber and help us help her represent this awesome breed as they should be represented.

Thank You!

My ISSR Shiloh Shepherd Alex

Gail Neff
SSDCA Member
Bluffton, OH

To whom it may concern:

I would like to state my personal position on the Shiloh Shepherds.

I support the ISSR as bein
g the only recognized registry of the REAL Shiloh Shepherd.  The only club that I do and will support is the SSDCA.  The dogs that are produced from the ISSR are wonderful animals,  I am totally and completely in love with these guys. Their overall health and temperaments can be touched by no other dog.  Tina Barber is the one and only breed founder. Her devotion and knowledge of this breed is impeccable.  Her standards for breeding are tuff but she breeds for the betterment of the Shiloh.  I will only buy a Shiloh puppy from an ISSR licensed breeder.  If it is not from the ISSR it is not a True Shiloh.

Thank you

Mary Ann Harley
Kissimmee,  FL 

i am forwarding a copy of Tina Barber's post asking for support AGAINST the recent application of certain individuals for UKC recognition for the Shiloh Shepherd. These people are not legitimate in their claims. I do this in total agreement that this is outrageous and should NEVER be permitted.

M.D. Perrone
Tyler, Texas


Please include this e-mail when submitting your comments to UKC.  Also inform them that if it were not for Tina Barber (breed founder), there would be no need for an application for "breed" recognition of the Shiloh Shepherd as they would not exist.  It is only through her efforts that the ORIGINAL Shiloh Shepherd survives and the dog's direction should be left up to her. 

Ken Jensen
Martinez, CA 

To Whom it May Concern,

I have been involved with the Shiloh Shepherds since 1994 and watched it go through many changes.  I believe that the only registry dedicated to preserving the vision of the breed is the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry (ISSR).  All other registries are splinters of the original with insufficient dogs (hence data) to back up their breeding programs and the future health and well being of the Shiloh Shepherd. I am strongly opposed to any registry applying for new breed application with the UKC other than the ISSR. 

 At such time when the registry feels that the breed is established then we may apply for recognition.  Until then accept no substitutes.

We hope that you see our point and do not allow the recognition of Shiloh Shepherds at this time.

Thank you
Pamela Moody
Highlife Kennels


To Whom It May Concern,

We have been I.S.S.R. Licenced Breeders of Shiloh Shepherds for almost 10 years. Our kennel produced the first Shilohs born in Canada. We share the Breed Founder's vision of the ongoing development of these magnificent dogs, and we strongly urge you to reject any registration of the Shiloh Shepherd breed unless it has the full support of the Board of Directors of the I.S.S.R.

Thank you for your consideration herein.

Yours truly,

Barb & Dave Cullen
Vision Kennels of Canada

To the Members of the SSDCA Board:

I am writing in support of the ISSR as the only registry of real Shiloh Shepherds.  While I do not have a Shiloh Shepherd yet, I am excited about purchasing one of these beautiful, intelligent dogs in the near future, and I have done a great deal of research about them, including a close examination of registries other than the ISSR. 

I can say unequivocally that no other registry can compare to the ISSR in terms of it's rigorous requirements and high standards, and as a potential puppy buyer, I am impressed by the careful and conscientious breeding selections made by licensed breeders under the guidance of the one true breed founder, Tina Barber.  Because this breed is still being developed and the breeding must be handled so carefully, I would never buy from any
breeder who was not an active member of the SSDCA, and/ or who had not signed the ISSR licensed breeder's agreement.  The SSDCA  should be the only legitimate national club for Shiloh Shepherds, and the ISSR should be the only legitimate registry.  

The quality of the breed, not to mention the future of the breed, should not be entrusted to any other registry or club.  To do so would be irresponsible.  Weakening the strict requirements of the SSDCA / ISSR would certainly not serve to better the breed, and isn't that what any good dog club or registry should be about? 

I am sure the board is faced with many difficult decisions regarding both the breed itself and the future of the club, but I would like to suggest that you adopt as a guiding tenet in any decision making process the motto, "First do no harm."

It would almost certainly be harmful to the future of this beautiful breed if the strict requirements for registry were allowed to ease by virtue of allowing other clubs and registries the same recognition as the SSDCA and the ISSR.


Katy Carthey
Eagan, MN

To whom it may concern at the UKC,

I am the proud owner of three ISSR Shiloh Shepherds, I am also a breeder. The ISSR is the only registry that should be recognized as Shiloh Shepherds. They are the original, created by the breed founder, Tina Barber of New Zion Kennels. All of my puppies are registered with the ISSR, and I will insist on that with my future litters.

I am also an active member of the SSDCA, and this will be the only club I will recognize and support.

Thank you for your time, and please remember, the ISSR is the original Shiloh Shepherd.

Dee A. Bunker
Beloit, Wi.
Deelight Shilohs

To Whom It May Concern,

As a Licensed Breeder in Training with the Original Shiloh Shepherd Academy it concerns me greatly that a small group of people could possible gain recognition for a breed (Shiloh Shepherd) that they did not develop and the fact that they have not been able to maintain a consistent registry for as long as the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry has been around.  Please take into consideration the records that the ISSR and Tina Barber have maintained on these lines of dogs for decades.  The stud books are not ready to be closed if we want to maintain or better the health and well being of these dogs!

Thank you for your time and I know you will make the right decision for the well being of our Shilohs.


Michelle Sparks
Silver Maple Kennels
(Maddy and Tango)

October 18, 2004

Mr.  Wayne A. Cavanaugh
United Kennel Club
100 East Kilgore Rd
, Mi 49002-5584

Dear Mr.  Cavanaugh,

Subject: BREED Recognition

As you may already know a splinter group has asked your organization for breed recognition as Original Shiloh Shepherds.  

My husband and I have been long standing members of the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc. and support our International Shiloh Shepherd registry since 1992. I have served on the Advisory Board for 5 years and am now serving for one year. I also collect data for our health survey program for healthier Shilohs.

We have had three Shilohs, one of which is deceased.  These Shilohs are so magnificent that these splinter groups want to go on their greedy way to make money and do not care about their puppy buyers or their dogs. They are hoping your United Kennel Club will recognize them.  Please investigate them before they ruin your United Kennel Club’s good name.


Pat Urso & Dale Urso
Rhinelander, WI

Brooks, Alberta, CANADA

October 19, 2004

United Kennel Club
100 East Kilgore Rd.
Kalamazoo, MI 49002-5584

Attention: Mr. Wayne A. Cavanaugh

                New Breed Committee

Dear Sir: 

It has come to my attention that you have before you, an application for breed recognition for the Shiloh Shepherd.  As a Licensed breeder under the ISSR (International Shiloh Shepherd Registry) I must contest the acceptance of this application.

The application that is before you has been submitted by a small number of rogue breeders that have chosen NOT to follow the rules and regulations set out by our registry and DO NOT follow the wisdom and guidance of the breed founder, Tina Barber.  These few are NOT representative of our Shiloh Breeders or the Shiloh Breed.

The ISSR has a long history and an immense database that we, as licensed breeders, draw on to make informed breeding decisions in order to maintain and improve the breed standard that we meticulously adhere to.  Our breed club, the SSDCA (Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc.) is the ONLY national breed club for the Shiloh Shepherds and, as a cohesive unit, we, the members, strive to bring continued recognition of the Shilohs through ads and independent websites.

I am currently the owner of three Shiloh Shepherds in my breeding kennel that are registered ONLY with the ISSR as I feel that this is the ONLY registry that has the integrity and database to ensure the continued development of this incredible breed.

I, respectfully, request that you consider all of the information before you and arrive at the RIGHT decision to DENY this application in order to allow this breed to reach its’ full potential under the direction of Tina Barber, breed founder.


Vanessa Dutton
Guardian Kennels
Brooks, Alberta, CANADA
LB # VDG010104
SSDCA Member

October 16, 2004

United Kennel Club

Mr. Wayne Cavanaugh,

I am a huge Shiloh fan and future owner to a ISSR Shiloh next summer. I am also a member of the SSDCA. It has come to my attention that some people from a non ISSR Shiloh registry have submitted a request to get the Shiloh Shepherd recognized as a breed with your club. These people have GSD mixes. They are trying to claim their mixes as Shiloh Shepherds and are trying to get them recognized with your club. This a tragedy and I hope you will take the time to look at all the material that will be presented to you by me and others that are very concerned about this matter. In doing so I am sure that  you will see why this will be a tragedy for the future of the Genuine Shiloh Shepherds. I urge you to please go to http://www.shilohshepherds.info/ to read about the history of the Shiloh and this site will provide lots of answers to questions about the Genuine Shiloh Shepherd.

To sum it up, this breed is founded by Tina Barber and is breed warden of the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry (ISSR). This is the only genuine registry for the Genuine Shiloh Shepherd. She is president to the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc, (SSDCA) which is the only national breed club for the Shiloh. She has many ISSR licensed breeders working with her to produce the Shiloh, the dog of HER DREAM, and they share HER VISION. The breed is still under development by Tina Barber. I strongly believe that only Tina with the SSDCA board backing has the right to decide when this breed is ready to be recognized by your club. No one else has this right. If you read the site above I am sure you will see this also. 

Please take the time to read about the history of the ISSR registry at http://www.shilohshepherds.org/issr,inc.htm The ISSR is the only true Shiloh registry and was formed to protect people from buying from breeders that have counterfeit Shiloh's. If a person has a dog not registered with the ISSR and claims to have a Shiloh it is nothing but a counterfeit. The counterfeit breeders have nothing but GSD mixes registered with counterfeit registries. If you research the sites that I have recommended I am sure you will see this. The ISSR registry was also designed to protect the genetic future of the Shiloh Shepherd. The protection of the genetic makeover is critical with a breed that is still under development and this is something that the counterfeits are not able to sustain without the direction of the founder Tina Barber. I hope you can see that claimed Shiloh dogs that are absent of the guidance of the founder Tina Barber,  the SSDCA, and the protection of the ISSR, are nothing but counterfeits. Anyone having a counterfeit Shiloh does not have the right to make such a claim to your club.  

I am urging you to research the history of the Shiloh and to deny the request to recognize the Shiloh as a UKC breed until the breed founder Tina Barber sees fit for this to happen.


Irene Valenzuela  

To whom it may concern;


I would like to voice my objection to the pending action being considered by the UKC.


The ISSR is and should continue to be the ONLY recognized "Registry" of the Real Shiloh Shepherd at least until this breed is fully developed. I started breeding GSD's 30 years ago and quite because of the lack of control over the breeding process and my discouragement with where the breed was going. I finally found a breed that comes up to my standards and now the UKC is about to ruin it for me again.


I am working toward becoming an ISSR licensed breeder and would never accept anything but a "Real Shiloh Shepherd" (see attached picture of my ISSR Shiloh, Zion’s Perfect Storm) as breeding stock for my kennel. How dare the UKC accept some knock off, watered down version of the real thing. Once I become a licensed breeder I would never consider registering my dogs anywhere else and risk the mental and physical well being of the dogs I love just to satisfy the ego's of a few unscrupulous breeders. 


I am currently a member of the SSDCA, the ONLY recognized National Club of the Real

Shiloh Shepherd, and can not understand how the UKC can even consider taking this action without consulting with us. It is as if all the hard work and years of effort put into this breed by Tina Barber, its founder, and the other club members was for nothing. How dare the UKC presume to hijack our breed without consulting with us or the breed founder.


Michael Kerr & Storm
Clinton, Ohio


Owner/Operator of Paw Paw Mike's K-9 University & Wolf Creek Shiloh's

AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Member SSDCA

Member Association of Pet Dog Trainers


Hello Mr. Cavanaugh,

    I am an owner of two legitimate Shiloh Shepherds: Casey, a 7.5 year old female and a retired (due to injury) highly trained (by me) mobility support mobility service dog, and Rebel, a 4 year old male mobility support service dog-in-training.  Their jobs are to help me walk by balancing me, helping me up if I fall, and/or pull my wheelchair if I cannot walk at all due to my disability.  Casey accurately alerts to my seizures.  Both dogs were bred by the Shiloh Shepherd Breed Founder, Tina Barber, and her daughter, Lisa Barber.

        Since January 2000, I have been a member in good standing of the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, parent club of the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry.  The SSDCA is the only legitimate parent breed club of the Shiloh Shepherd breed-in-development.  The ISSR is the only legitimate registry for the Shiloh Shepherd breed-in-development.  I am also one of several Shiloh Shepherd Ambassadors scattered throughout the United States
and Canada.

      Since Shiloh Shepherd Dog is a rare breed-in-development and its stud books are NOT closed, then the Shiloh Shepherd cannot legally, by your own bylaws, be considered a "breed" of dog.  Also, since the unethical persons that had put in the breed application to your organization are not legal representatives of the only legitimate Shiloh Shepherd parent club (SSDCA) and registry (ISSR), it would therefore be unethical, as well as illegal by your own bylaws, to accept and approve said application.

    I do hope you will do the right thing and not approve this bogus application by these unethical individuals.  The UKC has been gaining a good reputation in the international dog owners/breeders community.  Please don't destroy that reputation.


      Anthony Matzke
      Shiloh Shepherd Ambassador, SSDCA
      Rochester, MN

October 14, 2004


United Kennel Club
100 East Kilgore Rd.
Kalamazoo, MI 49002-5584


Attention: Mr. Wayne A. Cavanaugh
                 New Breed Committee

Dear Sir:

I am currently the owner of an Original, Real, Shiloh Shepherd dog. I’ve reacted to the horrible breed take over attempt instigated by the so-called ISSC group with total disbelief. I cannot believe there are some who are trying to pass their imitation, mixed breed dogs, as Shiloh Shepherd dogs to you. I also have an objection to these breeders, who pretend to be breeding Shiloh Shepherds, to pass themselves to you as true representatives of the breed. These breeders are renegade breeders, who decided to break away from the Breed Founder, Tina Barber. They refused to follow Tina’s very strict rules for breeding these dogs. Instead of following Tina’s recipe for the Shiloh Shepherd, they decided to strike out on their own; breeding their Shilohs to longhaired AKC registered German Shepherd dogs. Some have even bred to Wolf Hybrids. Is that what the UKC wants to be known as? The registry for mutts?

 The Shiloh Shepherd breed was created by Tina Barber, through years of breeding specific lines of German shepherd dogs. It’s her recipe, her vision, that has brought the Shiloh Shepherd to what it is today. In order to protect the breed, she created the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry (ISSR). This is the only registry recognized by breeders of the Original Real Shiloh Shepherd dog. She also created the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America (SSDCA) as the only recognized National Club for Shiloh Shepherd owners, of which I am a proud member.

 I first became acquainted with the Shiloh Shepherd breed 4 years ago. I realized this was the breed for me, and that I wanted to become part of its continuanced what a truly unique person Tina Barber is. She developed this breed frome. I joined the SSDCA in 2002. I also became a Licensed Breeder Apprentice that same year, in order to help promote and develop the breed. In my years of studying this breed, I’ve realiz a vision only she has. She is the only recognized Breed Founder. The only one who can bring the Shiloh Shepherd into it’s full potential as a breed. Many have tried to copy her accomplishments, only to develop dogs that are substandard and inferior to the breed.

 I will only recognize Tina Barber as the Breed Founder and creator of this breed. Together with her daughter, Lisa Barber, they have the true recipe to the future of the breed. As a Licensed breeder, I will only register any future dogs I will breed under the ISSR registry. I will only buy ISSR registered dogs or puppies. And I will only promote ISSR registered dogs to anyone approaching me, looking for a Shiloh Shepherd dog.

 I sincerely hope you reject this ridiculous application that you just received.



Olga I. Twombly
Leesburg, VA
WhiteFang Shilohs

SSDCA member since 2002
Licensed Breeder since 2002
SSDCA-MAC Treasurer
STM apprentice
Proud owner of WhiteFangs Orion’s Belt O’Zion, CGC, HCTs

I am anxiously awaiting for a puppy from Tina and Lisa Barber. I have spent much time and effort researching a True Shiloh Shepherd before I sent my money to purchase my Shiloh! I have trusted the ISSR as the only Registry for a real Shiloh. I joined the SSDCA NATIONAL CLUB. I decided if I was going to spend over $2000 I wanted to purchase it from the Breed Founder Tina Barber. I wouldn't even consider purchasing the pup from anyone who wasn't an ISSR Licensed Breeder!!!! I [can’t] believe the BREED FOUNDER who has devoted her entire life to creating this magnificent breed could be bypassed without consideration of her critical input (she has created the breed).


Reed Satterstrom
Mound, Minnesota

To whom it may concern:

I give my full support to the ISSR in being the only recognized Registry of the Real and Original Shiloh Shepherd. I also fully believe and support the SSDCA as being the only recognized True  National Club of the Real Shiloh Shepherd. I fell in love with this breed along with the honesty, integrity and genuine caring that the owners and breeders of the ISSR Shilohs have. The work that has been put into the records of health and information about their pedigree which can be traced back through the generations to the start of this breed is amazing! The fact that Tina Barber the breeds founder has this knowledge not only in her head but on paper and keeps up with it just goes to show the dedication and love that she along with every other ISSR breeder/owner has for this beautiful, healthy and special breed. Every single one of my Shiloh Shepherds will be purchased from an ISSR Licensed Breeder. I encourage everyone to educate themselves about this breed and its origins, see the proof with your own eyes and I can assure you that you will come to the same conclusion.

Amber Eggert
Houston, TX 

                                                                                             October 14, 2004 

Dear Sir or Madam,

I recently heard that a new relatively small group of Shiloh Shepherd and Shiloh Shepherd mix owners are applying for recognition by your registry.  I hope you aren't seriously considering their request.  The breed founder, Tina Barber is still in the process of building this breed and the group of disgruntled breeders and individuals make up a very small percentage of Shiloh owners.  They each seem to have their own "outcrosses" and what you would be considering recognizing amounts to nothing more than a bunch of mixed breed dogs. 

I am a serious licensed breeder of the original ISSR Shiloh Shepherds and it would hurt the future of the breed for you to recognize their mixes and hybrids as Shilohs.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


Lilli Anglin
ISSR Licensed Breeder # LAD100104

I am writing this email in protest of the UKC recognizing Shiloh Shepherds.  The Shiloh Shepherd was founded by Tina Barber and has been "under construction" since the 1960's.  There have been several groups who have tried to pass their dogs off as Shiloh Shepherds.  Unfortunately these dogs have very little Shiloh Shepherd in them.  As a part of the SSDCA which is the only nationally recognized club of real Shilohs, I find it ludicrous that these other breeders are even allowed to call their dogs Shiloh Shepherds.Tina Barber named these dogs Shiloh Shepherd because the breed she developed could not be called German Shepherds.

The true Shiloh Shepherds are registered with the ISSR (International Shiloh Shepherd Registry).

I have a 6 month old ISSR Shiloh Shepherd and any future Shiloh Shepherd I would purchase would only come from an ISSR registered breeder!  What these other groups are trying to pass off as Shilohs are just mixed breed dogs.  If you recognize these dogs, it will be a disservice to your organization.  Please investigate this further before making a decision.  I am attaching a picture of a real ISSR Shiloh Shepherd.


Susan Olson
Quality Scientist

To Whom It May Concern,

I am the proud owner of 4 ISSR registered Shiloh Shepherds, and also am an ISSR registered breeder. I am very concerned about the recent inquiry into UKC recognition.

First, our breed, the Original Shiloh Shepherd, is not a finished product. Our stud books are still open. Losing the ISSR registry at this critical time would devastate the completion of our total dog. The people who have requested UKC recognition are not part of the ISSR, nor are they breeding to our standards. They are using sub-standard outcrosses and the outcome is weak looking animals with some horrible faults. This is not what we want known to the world as a Shiloh Shepherd!! Their "registry" is not even consistent and has changed hands multiple times since I became involved with Shiloh Shepherds in December of 1999. The ISSR/SSDCA has survived as OUR registry since Tina Barber began the official  creation of this breed, over TWENTY years ago.

The ISSR/SSDCA requires temperament testing (whole litter evaluation) at 8 weeks of age and   OFA or PennHip hip preliminary results and recommends heart, eye and thyroid certification prior to permanent registration,  and a very thorough Litter Mate Information base prior to breeding ANY dog/bitch. Each dog that is registered with the ISSR is seen/evaluated by the breed founder herself several times before final permanent registration. This is extremely important to the development of this breed.

Myself and every ISSR licensed breeder has gone through 3 years of schooling with MaShiloh before being granted the right to breed these dogs. It is a requirement that we KNOW these dogs through and through. We must KNOW the history of the breed, the genetics involved, any disease ever occurring in ANY of the dogs in our history, temperament, relationship co-efficients on all our breedings, the breed standard, etc.   All this will be lost if we lose our registry. It is absolutely critical that we maintain the ISSR/SSDCA as our registry while we complete the final development phase of the Original Shiloh Shepherd Dog.

Thank You,

Jessica B. Strauss
Sirius, Isis, Jessie and Luna

To Whom it May Concern,

As a Shiloh owner, the idea of a splinter group attempting to reap the benefits of Tina Barber's life long work in the creation and cultivation of the Shiloh Shepherd is a travesty.

Tina Barber, known to Shiloh admirers as Ma Shiloh, is just that, the Mother of this Rare Breed that is still in development. Under her guidance and that of other devoted members, this breed will develop into what she destined it to be.

Others, who's only goal is a monetary gain in producing an inferior dogs and utilizing the SHILOH name has petitioned you, the UKC, for breed recognition. This cannot happen. This breed will cease to exist as it was meant to be.

If your organization is truly concerned for the well being of a breed, then look at all aspects of that breed. Look at the standards set for that breed, the bloodlines, the breeding by laws, the owners agreements, the groups that broke away from the parent organization in an attempt to circumvent the long range goals of producing a truly great breed that is not only beautiful, but healthy.

By the UKC allowing these splinter groups to gain breed recognition is like putting a Rolls Royce name on a Yugo. People buy the this "Rolls Royce", pay for this "Rolls Royce",  and find out that it is a Yugo. The people sold a name, a name that they did not build, a name that stands for the best. It is the same thing with the SHILOH. These splinter groups are attempting to sell a name that they did not build, and they want to reap the gains from anothers work.

I am not a breeder of this great breed known as a Shiloh, I am an owner. I believe in the breed founder, Tina Barber, and her long range goals for this breed as do hundreds of other owners, and soon to be owners. She is adamant in this goal and how it is to be done and what is needed to protect it. Those who opposed her split off, yet they utilized the name SHILOH. SHILOH is Tina Barber, SHILOH is the "Rolls Royce". The SSDCA is the representative of this breed, a breed under development. In order for this breed to reach the goals set by its founder, Tina Barber, the proper gene pool must be utilized to safe guard the standards of the breed.

Hopefully the UKC has a greater knowledge than I in the development of a breed, and can see through this maze of smoke and mirrors by a splinter group of individuals who hope to gain the benefits of someone else's life long work and dream, a dream that is not yet ready to be completed.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this very important decision.

Richard N. Sebock
SSDCA member
Shiloh Owner, a true Shiloh


To Whom It May Concern,

It has come to our attention that a group of people who left the ISSR (International Shiloh Shepherd Registry) have banded together and petitioned the UKC for breed recognition with your organization.

I am writing this letter in hopes of helping to sway your votes to no on this issue. The Shiloh Shepherd IS still a breed being developed.

    The only person who has the key to locking the Stud Book closed is Tina Barber and those breeders who continue to breed under her guidance. The only person who should have the right to apply to the UKC (or any other registry) is Tina Barber.

    The ISSR and the SSDCA (Shiloh Shepherd Club of America) are THE ONLY Registry and Dog Club which have stood the test of time within the Shiloh Shepherd community. All other registries and clubs (including those who have applied with the UKC) have risen and fallen so often that no one can even keep straight who they are and who they represent. 

    I think it would be an absolute travesty for all present and future Shiloh Shepherd owners if you were to accept an unfinished breed into the UKC at this time. Please read carefully and follow all the links of the email-letter sent from our club Secretary.

Thank you for taking the time to read and listen to those of us who stand with the ISSR and the SSDCA.

Pam Dymond-Weed
owned by three Shiloh Shepherds 
and SSDCA Advisory Board Member


Laura Kathryn, Breeder
Solace Shilohs
Bothell, WA

Brad Allison
100 E. Kilgore Road
Kalamazoo, MI 49002

October 14, 2004

Dear UKC:

I have heard that you are considering allowing UKC recognition to a group of people who falsely allege that their dogs are Shiloh Shepherds. You cannot go forward and give this group of dogs (as they are not real Shiloh Shepherds) UKC recognition. These people who have come to you are people who broke away from the original and only Shiloh Shepherd dog club - Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America (SSDCA) and only Shiloh Shepherd registry - International Shiloh Shepherd Registry (ISSR).

Tina Barber, the breed founder of Shiloh Shepherds (ISSR) had won a court case where she was awarded the Common Law Rights to the words Shiloh Shepherds. So, I cannot see how you can consider another group's request, unapproved by Ms. Barber, to register their dogs as Shiloh Shepherds.

I know you all are busy, so I will make this as brief as possible. To let you know, I researched before I selected the ISSR to purchase my dogs from and I purchased three Shiloh Shepherds from ISSR breeders. I did not want to go to the other groups as they were not the original and true Shilohs. So, please, do not do a disservice to those of us who are true to the breed by allowing counterfeits to be registered with the UKC. 

I have attached pictures of my Shilohs to show you how beautiful and majestic real Shiloh Shepherds are, the ISSR Shilohs.

I love these dogs and they are my life and I implore you to walk away from them and turn down their application.


Laura Kathryn and Kody, Nieko, and Bear

To Whom It May Concern:

It has recently come to my attention that there is an attempt being made by an unauthorized group to have their dogs recognized by the UKC as the "Shiloh Shepherd Breed". I am current waiting for the arrival of my third real SHILOH SHEPHERD dog. Please see pictures attached of Tang (5 year old smooth coated Shiloh Shepherd) and TiAmo (plush coated Shiloh Shepherd at 7 months). (The other two pictures are the  Sire ... plush coated Shiloh and the Dam plush coated Shiloh of the puppy I am expecting to receive later this year.)

After much research into this breed and its development, I have purchased my dogs from the true founder and developer of this breed, Tina Barber of the New Zion Shilohs, because I am aware of the care and process by which Tina and Lisa Barber have and are continuing to develop this magnificent breed. The reason that I decided to purchase my dogs from the true developer of this breed (Tina Barber) was her sincere concern for the dog,  her serious care and extensive knowledge in breeding

selection to produce the desirable physical and temperament characteristics which best represent this breed and her serious concern that ONLY DESIRABLE physical, medical and temperament traits be passed on to future Shilohs. Tina and Lisa are very careful and serious about who purchases their Shilohs and who may breed them in that they want to protect the integrity of the breed and the well-being of each dog. I have found them more than willing to help legitimate breeders to become "Recognized Licensed ISSR Breeders". They are also very willing to give help and share information with the "just pet owner." The only thing they ask is that you are responsible owners and/or breeders adhering to careful development and well-being of the "true" Shiloh Shepherd. These dogs are a serious investment whether you are a "Registered ISSR Breeder" or just looking for wonderful companion pet.

I support and belong to ISSR (International Shiloh Shepherd Registry) as the ONLY "recognized registry of the real Shiloh Shepherd". I support and belong to SSDCA as being the ONLY "recognized National Club of the real Shiloh Shepherd". I do love this breed and I will ONLY recognize TINA BARBER as the "breed founder" of the Original Shiloh Shepherd. I will only purchase and would recommend that all persons only purchase ISSR Licensed Breeder Shiloh puppies ... otherwise you would have no idea of what you would actually be getting. If I meet the requirements to qualify to be a "Licensed Breeder", I would ONLY register my Shiloh Shepherd puppies with ISSR.

I have had dogs of various breeds all my life and I have loved each and everyone, but the TRUE SHILOH SHEPHERD is an exceptional dog and I would be so disappointed and so distressed and really angry to see it irresponsibly bred and sold by unrecognized and unqualified breeders.  This has happened in so many breeds before by others  ... whether the motive was "profit" driven or just a "lack of true knowledge". This has been so sad with the results often being dogs with increasing medical and temperament problems in addition to drastic changes in physical standards. I don't want to see this happen to this wonderful dog, too.


       Nancy E. Tisci  (ISSR,SSF,SSDCA,SWASSA)

       Oro Valley, AZ

Dear Sirs,

It has come to  my attention that you are asking for my support of the SSDCA, and the ISSR registry.

Please allow me to offer my experiences:

A) My family and I have owned German Shepherds as pets all of my life. These dogs were AKC registered dogs, and were purchased in this way because there was supposedly some assurance as to the quality and temperament of the dog. What happened? There was apparently no means of governing or controlling the breeders or the genetics. My last GSD, although a wonderful pet, was a health disaster. He came from a supposedly reputable AKC licensed breeder. Upon inquiry into the litter mates, I found that the entire litter had similar problems with hip, arthritis, and aggression issues - and they had all been sold for top dollar. So much for my faith in the AKC system. The AKC/GSD gene pool has apparently become so diluted that the breeding results are highly unpredictable. Why would anyone want to buy one of these? 

B) Tina Barber, and her family before her, has been involved in selective dog breeding for several generations. By very carefully mapping the genetic histories, and controlling the breeding gene pool, Tina has produced the Shiloh Shepherd. The breeding results are very consistent, each and every time. The temperaments and health issues are very predictable, and the Shiloh's social skills are second to none. These are dogs you can be very proud of. If you allow the wholesale importation of new genetics into the now controlled gene pool, the results will mimic the AKC and their German Shepherd debacle !! 

 I wholeheartedly support Tina Barber, the SSDCA, and the ISSR. Further, I recognize that the only true Shiloh Shepherd is from an ISSR licensed breeder, and that the SSDCA is the exclusive national club for the genuine Shiloh Shepherd.


Paul E. Van Scott
Fishers, NY

To whom it may concern:

I hereby give my support to the ISSR, as the only recognized registry of the Shiloh Shepherd. I also feel that in order for this breed to survive, it must be under the direction of the breed founder, Tina Barber, as it was her vision that enabled, after decades, the emergence of what is now known as the Shiloh Shepherd.

I own an ISSR Shiloh and am becoming alarmed at what is happening with those who are  breeding outside of the ISSR rules. Too many of them have their own versions, with questionable breedings and under their several, new registries, differ in their direction. These new registries have appeared and disappeared like dust in the wind. These facts are there for you to see for yourself.

I would hate to see all the work and effort that has been done for so long to develop this breed, become a free for all. For this breed to survive, there must be a long range plan and a focus on the future. That is what the ISSR is all about.

Therefore, there must be one governing body that protects, and continues to move forward with the Original vision of the Shiloh Shepherd, and that only rests with the ISSR, and with Tina Barber as the originator of this breed. After all, this WAS, IS, and CONTINUES to be her vision of what she created to create the Shiloh Shepherd.

To give validation to breeding schemes removed from the original purpose, is not only irresponsible, but opens the gates to those who may only have an interest on capitalizing on the efforts of others, along with a well earned breed name. Let them develop their own breed, but with their name on it.

Thank you for listening to my concerns,

K. Devor
Proud owner of an ISSR Shiloh

                                                                                                October 13, 2004


United Kennel Club Breed Committee:

ATTN: Mr. Wayne Cavanaugh, President

As the proud owner and apprentice breeder of ISSR Shiloh Shepherds™, I felt a compelling obligation to the current situation placed before your board.

The original German Shepherd Dog lines that were utilized in the creation of this phenomenal breed were meticulously selected by breed founder Tina Barber through the course of four decades. Seeing the unfortunate decline of the traditional GSD in America, Ms. Barber wanted to re-create the solid working dogs and family companions that she recalled as a child. With a solid knowledge of canine genetics, she began documenting each breed pairing and their offspring in an effort to weed out poor producers from the gene pool. The result is a large, muscular animal that is not prone to hip dysplasia and has a fantastically stable temperament. Knowing, of course, that the original lines could not exist alone and would create a genetic bottleneck, several highly scrutinized outcrosses have been introduced, creating tremendous new possibilities for our breed.

These years of breedings and progeny information could not be maintained without a solid registry to house decades of data. Each new owner is encouraged to register for both puppy and adult papers by their International Shiloh Shepherd™ Registry breeder. To qualify for adult or breeding upgrades, however, each Shiloh must have hip radiographs so as not to pass on dysplasia. Every ISSR pup is temperament tested at eight weeks to classify an individual dog between very soft through hard as well as other personality nuances. This ensures that perspective owners will be paired with Shilohs that compliment their lifestyles. Never before had I seen a breed that was so interested in the dog/owner

relationship beyond the initial purchase. Nor did other breed registries have the sheer amount of integral information on their health and genetic programs for their dogs.

In addition to the ISSR, Shiloh fanciers have the added benefit of having a strong parent club (the Shiloh Shepherd™ Dog Club America) and chapters located throughout the country. As the amount of high-quality Shilohs produced each year increases, so too does the need for additional show venues and other activities. Our National Specialty, held every August, attracts hundreds of Shiloh dogs and owners from around the country and Canada. Many of our chapters also hold their own specialties, as well as herding trials, and other gatherings. We are also branching out into fun matches with the AKC and rare breed clubs everywhere. With nearly 4,000 ISSR Shilohs throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, our club members are always searching for shows, SAR, SCH, and other events in which to participate.

As a breed, the original Shiloh Shepherd™ is committed to thoroughly educating its breeders, owners, and the general public. The OSS Academy was created to train breeders about pedigree lines, genetics, health concerns, and other important related topics. On the Academy web forum, we breeders have been engaged in a long dialogue with Dr. Susan Thorpe-Vargas, a leading canine researcher, concerning CHD and heredity in large and giant breed dogs. Our Shiloh web forums boast topics for the average fanciers to trainers and breeders, chapter leaders and club members, and for those still contemplating a puppy in the future. There are also several dozen ISSR Shiloh Shepherd™ Ambassadors in over twenty states (in addition to Canada and Europe) who happily meet with interested potential owners to answer questions, and, of course, meet their dogs.

Given all the research, information, and time and energy that breeders and owners obviously pour into these dogs, individuals like me find it exceedingly difficult to understand why the UKC would entertain the attentions of a lesser registry. The ISSR Shiloh Shepherd™ has over 40 years of breeding longevity that has proven itself as a great working partner and/or family companion. What do the proprietors of this newly-created registry have to offer? A handful of breeders with extremely limited experience; records spanning the last five years or so; dogs with questionable temperaments and no true conformation.

 If the UKC prides itself on breed development, why would it choose to align itself with a group of disgruntled individuals (who have broken away from the parent club) and must continually outcross to inferior animals? These fringe groups, while still retaining some Shiloh blood, have had a great loss of size, documented health and temperament issues, and no longer resemble the breed standard. I would hope that the promise of “big money” from an unscrupulous entity has not been the reason for this controversy.

As a national canine organization, your purpose is to uphold impeccable standards and ethical breeding practices for all those involved. As a strong, supportive breeder/fancier of true Shiloh Shepherds™, I would ask the committee to consider this magnificent breed and the thousands of people who love it. Please, consider the decades of tireless determination and commitment that created these dogs; and consider the great loss that would be felt if a few angry, disjointed individuals destroyed them. I pray that you make a wise and informed decision that will benefit the canine world for years to come and support the ISSR Shiloh Shepherd™.

Best Regards,

Jennifer M. Diemert
Owner of Callaghan’s Make My Dayspring
SSDCA Member
SESSA Vice President
Apprentice Breeder

Ellen Lennen
Owner of Malachi, Sweetie, Nicky, Moose, Lucy, and Angie
SSDCA Member
SESSA Secretary
Apprentice Breeder


February 2007 Update

Please note: in order to make this site more user friendly, we have removed some of the letters that we shared here since October 2004, but we still have nearly 3 dozen examples for you to read.

If you would like to see those that have been removed due to lack of pictures or no longer being active within the SSDCA, please check complete UKC letters. 

We have also separated out the five former Licensed Breeders who have chosen to embrace the sliver camp.  You can read their original letters by viewing this page. If you would like to learn more about them, please visit our ISSR Licensed Breeder Matrix or read some of the articles that Tina has already posted on her Tina Speaks website.


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