"Shiloh" Shepherd Fraud! Don't Let the Frauds fool you!

I wrote the original Don't Fall 4 the Fraud article in January 2006.  Events were moving so quickly that I had to add updates in February 2006, July 2006, October 2006 and December 2006! Wow! When you have the extra time, you should study my reports.  However, for now, I would like to share a short update and sliver synopsis for those that would like an honest overview.

  • Shiloh Shepherds are not recognized as a "breed" -- by any legitimate dog organization! Please review Registries-What Are They?
  • The gene pool was started in 1974 by Tina M. Barber at Shiloh Shepherd Kennels! It has continued for over 4 decades -- under HER supervision!
  •  Since 1991, the ISSR, Inc. has continued to document all genetic data on every puppy born and Tina continues to guide the Licensed Breeders as they help her to expand the gene pool.
  • Upon completion of the gene pool expansion program that has continued under the ISSR banner, the stud books will be closed and only the ISSR database will be turned over and then all of the dogs registered within the ISSR will become an "official" breed.
  • The frauds that have been breeding GSD mixes/whatever and proclaiming them to be "Shiloh Shepherds" are only interested in selling their pups for a higher price! They are NOT working with the ISSR (because of the strict rules?) and NONE of these dogs will qualify for entry into the final registry be it FCI or AKC.

Read the facts listed below!

Please take a look at the recent outcrosses that have/are being used; most are listed below, broken down into 4 groups, however, new ones seem to being added daily.


A. AKC  or UKC Registered German Shepherd Dogs

This group consists of  German Shepherd dogs registered either within the AKC or the UKC.  OFA information links are provided  below if available.

1. Behuter Von Hinterland
2. Von Bruin's Shade
3. Twincedars Desperado
4. Haven's Creek Devaki
5. Garrison von Archezengel (link is to AKC pedigree)
6. Zeus Shadow of Shiloh  (UKC GSD. Link is to litter announcement). 

For additional genetic information regarding these dogs, please contact the kennels from which each originated. You may also be able to obtain a puppy with honest AKC papers for even less money!

B.  AKC "Larger" GSD's with some "Shiloh" blood...somewhere... 

All of these dogs were bred by Selah kennels. Please don't confuse this kennel name with one of the Shiloh Shepherd NB (New Blood) foundation bitches--Sabrina-- who was produced by Don Baker, as can be clearly seen via this pedigree.

Alice Fisher did have some Shiloh progeny back in the late 80's but refused to relinquish her AKC papers so she just continued to do "her own thing" producing $400 pet quality pups within the AKC.  Her daughter did not join her program until much later, and since then they have been using the "Selah" name, despite the fact that all of her former "Shiloh" stock is being outcrossed to other GSD's or inbred on Sabrina in order to produce large dogs, even thought there could potentially be serious health risks (like SAS, VT, etc.) resulting from such a practice!

Please take a look at this pedigree      Royal Aire is also breeding these same dogs, but the pups are honestly evaluated and sold as "oversized" GSD's with full AKC registrations! If you would like to purchase a dog like this, from an honest breeder, may I suggest that you contact one of these.

Don't support those that are trying to pass these dogs off as "Shiloh Shepherds"

7. Diamond Hills Lightening Bullet (registered within the AKC as a GSD)
8. Kind Kye-Ann Selah (registered within the AKC as a GSD)
9. King Cyrus-Selah (registered within the AKC as a GSD, out of GSD parents)
10. Viggo Vom Paragon (registered within the AKC as a GSD)
11. Paragon's Kyros von Selah (registered within the AKC as a GSD)
12. Sierra's Ryan Express Selah (registered within the AKC as a GSD)
13. CJ's Vision Meister Galen Von Kellisa (listed as a Shiloh Shepherd but out of Bullet and Kind Kye-Ann Selah, both AKC registered GSD's)
14. Sierra's Special Addition Selah (Sire: King Cyrus-Selah / Dam: Sugar Sweet Selah)

You may notice the "Shiloh" kennel prefix on some of these dogs. However, if you examine the pedigrees, you will be clearly able to see that they did not come from the real Shiloh Shepherd Kennel! It's just another ploy they are using to defraud and confuse the consumer!

Be sure to view some Real Shiloh Shepherd Pedigrees!

All REAL Shiloh Shepherds are bred as per the very strict ISSR rules and meticulous Litter Mate X-Ray (LMX) data is maintained on all carefully selected breeding stock.

That's what makes the "Shiloh" different from the GSD!
Please read "Long Haired GSD or Shiloh"!

Don't let anyone fool you into paying a high price for an inferior product! Real Shiloh Shepherds are reasonably priced and produced by ISSR Licensed Breeders from coast to coast!

C. Local Yokels (GSD or GSD/mixes)

These dogs are listed as GSD or GSD/mixes with unknown ancestry.  They may have "some" GSD blood in them, but exact details cannot be traced/verified. Dogs like these have often been seen on farms in various parts of the country, and when such a dog has a litter, most farmers are very happy to just find someone who would be willing to take the pups! Be sure to read my little story on the Wall of Shame

Don't let the frauds con you into paying thousands of dollars for one of these dogs!!  They are NOT 'shiloh shepherds' -- If you do nothing else, be sure to read Protecting Breed Development!

15. CJ's Cadence of Shenandoah (GSD/mix)
16. Cory (listed as GSD, pedigree unknown)
17. Levi (listed as GSD, pedigree unknown)
18. Shenandoah's Black Tear Shelly (Bullett/Cory)
19. Shenandoah's Black Tear Whitney (East German GSD/dam unknown)
20. Shenandoah's Midnight Special (GSD mix)
21. Shenandoah's Keelie of Sierra (GSD mix)
22. PB&T's New Beginnings (GSD mix)
23. Sierra's Taylor Made (GSD mix)

Now please compare these dogs to the .....
and be sure to click on ALL of the links!!
There are many breeders that have the same goals -- check them out!!
They come in a variety of colors and both coats types -- with legitimate AKC papers!
So why would anyone purchase a puppy from a dishonest breeder that is "claiming" that they are producing "shilohs" when in fact, they are using unproven GSD/mixed lines??
Take some time to read ... Tina Speaks!!


 D. Dangerous Dogs (Czech Shepherd import)

Whatever you do, never fall for one of these mixes! Czech dogs are wonderful Schutzhund competitors and police dogs, but they do not belong as pets with our modern suburban households, whose owners usually are inexperienced as attack dog trainers). If you are looking for a REAL Czech competition/protection dog, then please contact Alpine K-9. Don't settle for progeny out of unproven rejects that could endanger your family! This website gives information about Czech Shepherds:  History of the Czechoslovakian frontier-police dogs.

24. Glorious Sony Hronovsky pramen
25. Glorious Max a Million Boy (Czech Shepherd mix)

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