The pictures and letter on this page were sent to Tina Barber by Mrs. J. Wible,  a well meaning person who wanted to purchase two Shiloh Shepherds. She contacted several breeders after checking the ads in Dog World and Dogs USA and after reading the material sent to her by what seemed to her to be a reputable breeder and falling in love with the pictures of  his "breath taking" dogs, she sent in her $1500 nonrefundable deposit, anticipating the day when she would be able to pick up her two beautiful dogs, one that was sixteen months old and the other four months.

Finally the day she had waited for arrived and she met her breeder in southern Virginia at the end of August. Instead of the beautiful confident pups she expected to see, what she found were terrified "living skeletons", chock full of coccidia, round, hook and tape worms.. The dogs had never been handled by people nor seen by a vet. Since she figured that she would never see her money again anyway, she paid the $3,000 and took the poor dogs out of pity for them. Once the drugs wore off she realized how spooky the 16 month old was and now fears her.

Warning--the following completely un-retouched pictures may be too graphic. Scroll down only if you have a strong stomach and a cold heart.

The poor puppy was so horribly matted and had such an odor that she had to be shaved.

The owner sent these pictures and her story to Tina so that they would be put on the Internet "so buyers can beware."  

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2005 Update

Our webmaster recently received this email:

Hi, my name is Julie Wible. I   have loved German Shepherds all of my life. Quite a few years ago i was conned by a man ...  in Tennessee.  He tricked me into buying 3 horrible malnutrioned Shiloh Shepherds near death. I lost my life savings of $3,000,00 on buying these dogs. With no where to turn, one woman reached out to help me. I  should say the only woman who reached out to help me was  Tina Barber. Tina guided me thru this horrible ordeal and was truly a Saint in my eyes. i have not spoken to Tina in at least 4 years but want her to know that she is remembered by me as being one of the most caring kindest people I have ever met. I will never forget her act of kindness she showed me, a perfect stranger to her. Tina Barber will always be a true hero in my eyes. God bless you Tina !