This potential UKC take over of our beloved breed could have been devastating to the future welfare of these dogs, as we know them today!  Although all rare breed clubs seem to be riddled with political strife from time to time, ours has had to endure more dissension then most!  The ISSR rules are not easy for people to live with, and many have tried to usurp themselves by attempting to start their 'own' bogus registries.  History has already proven that these efforts have been fruitless, creating even more conflict among the various ranks, while severely decreasing/polluting the entire genepool!!

As a last ditch effort to gain some credibility for the motley mixes that were left within the various small factions, four self proclaimed "registrars" applied to the UKC for recognition.  Within days Shiloh Shepherd fanciers from around the world stood up to the challenge, and started preparing letters to the UKC, while the SSDCA board prepared a detailed one to the president of the UKC, along with several attachments. 

Please take a moment to view this amazing chain of events via the web pages we have prepared to document each step of our battle.  If you would like to see how the real Shiloh owners reacted to the news, right from day one, please join our forums!

SSDCA, Inc. Responds to the UKC Our Members Respond Public Petition: Everyone Responds

Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc.
International Shiloh Shepherd
Registry, Inc.
PO Box 309
Silver Springs, NY 14550


October 11, 2004

United Kennel Club
100 East Kilgore Rd.
Kalamazoo, MI 49002-5584 

Attention: Mr. Wayne A.  Cavanaugh
               New Breed Committee

The Executive Board of the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc., the only national breed club for Shiloh Shepherds, has been informed that a small faction purporting to be the “International Shiloh Shepherd Club” is trying to request UKC recognition of their dogs as a breed. We would like to provide you with a little background on the development of the Shiloh Shepherd Dog.

The Shiloh Shepherd line was started at Shiloh Shepherds kennel by Tina Barber. Please refer to What is a Shiloh Shepherd?, an article written by the Breed Founder in 1990 for additional details.   The Shiloh Shepherd consists of several distinct "lines" within the German Shepherd Dog, blended together by the Breed Founder, and later expanded under her guidance by a small group of ISSR, Inc.  Licensed Breeders, all listed on our website.   For a complete listing of all 147 Licensed breeders that have produced litters under Tina’s direction since 1991 please refer to ISSR Litters by Breeder

The "Shiloh Shepherd" is a breed that is still under development by Tina Barber as breed founder and breed warden, via the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, Inc.   She took her developing line of GSD’s into the rare breed world in 1990 in order to provide the owners of the dogs she bred a venue to compete against each other under experienced, unbiased judges.  Of course, they could not compete in rare breed shows as German Shepherds, nor should they have, since they were distinctly different from the American/German import GSD’s due to the selected outcrosses that the Breed Founder had blended into her lines. They were called “Shiloh Shepherds”, because that was a familiar term to their owners, since they all came from Shiloh Shepherd Kennels.  Please take a moment to read the following article, Kennel of Origin: The Real History of the Shiloh Shepherd and review our full history, since 1962.

However, our Breed Founder was informed that if she wanted to continue to exhibit her dogs, a national breed club would have to be formed. The dogs would have to be referred to as a 'breed" and be represented by a registry.  Accordingly, the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc. (SSDCA) and the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, Inc. (ISSR) were incorporated in 1991.  Shortly thereafter all of our Breed Founder’s kennel records were sent to The Complete Computer Place, (TCCP) in Texas for data processing.  This company is still the keeper of all of our records and through it the historical time line of the development from the Breed Founder’s original Shiloh Shepherd Kennel to the emergence of the ISSR Shiloh Shepherd may easily be traced.  This includes  approximately 45,000 ancestral GSD records and nearly 4000 ISSR Shiloh Shepherds registered over the past 14 years.  Taken together, these nearly 49,000 dogs constitute the ISSR, Inc.’s genetic database.    Please note that individual breeders cannot make this claim nor have any ever attempted to call their specific kennel lines a breed.  It took tenacity and a lifetime of dedication to a dream on the part of our breed founder to bring the Shiloh Shepherds to where they are today.  

We realize that the White Shepherd as well as the GSD are among the many established breeds recognized by the UKC.  Instead of attempting to misappropriate Tina Barber’s kennel name, GSD fanciers have appreciated her dedication and are willing to support our goals to expose this travesty. 

Do you realize that most of the officials within these breeds are not impressed with your recent “New Breed” applicants?  Serious dog fanciers are amazed at how a credible  organization like the UKC could consider listing registered GSD dogs mixed with  a particular kennel’s “bloodline" as a rare breed, even though the resulting progeny being produced have nothing to do with that line’s founder or registry! Yet that is exactly what you are contemplating!

For example, the Ayers Long Coat German Shepherds’  website states:

<<“All of our dogs are AKC registered German Shepherds.  Our Shiloh ‘bloodline’ dogs come from the same AKC German Shepherd that were used in originating the Shiloh Shepherds. Our dogs are not Shiloh Shepherds-or King Shepherds.>>

Think about what this person is saying; yet you are still willing to accept an application from a person now breeding these dogs as Shiloh Shepherds? How could they be AKC registered German Shepherds, UKC registered longhaired/German/white shepherds, and also be registered as UKC Shiloh Shepherds??   Since we also have the white variety and some of them can trace their ancestry to the Hoofprint dogs, can we register our ISSR Shiloh Shepherds as UKC White Shepherds too?

Upon discovering that you plan to consider accepting a small group of dissidents to represent the Shiloh Shepherd, as a legitimate breed club and provide them with the credibility that they seek, we would like to assure you that many honest, reputable GSD breeders have found this extremely upsetting and have removed your name from their websites as a credible registry!! Royalair  was the first to remove your name from their new list of recommended registries, but others will follow shortly.

We would like to inform you that in 1996 Tina Barber was accorded the common law rights to the words “Shiloh Shepherds” in a court case versus Shelley Watts, a Shiloh breeder who was outcrossing to GSD’s.  The court ordered Ms. Watts not to use the term “Shiloh Shepherds” to describe her dogs.  Full documentation is available upon request.  Since then her GSD/Shiloh mixes have been known as King Shepherds although they can all still trace their ancestral heritage to the original Shiloh Shepherds purchased from the Breed Founder.  This “breed” never gained much momentum and has been fading quickly.  Will disgruntled King Shepherd breeders also be able to register their dogs as UKC Shiloh Shepherds? After all, they originated from the same bloodlines as Shilohs.  Since all of these dogs trace their pedigrees back to the Shiloh Shepherds (from our Breed Founder's kennel) you will have no choice but to recognize all of these variations.  What criteria would you apply to refuse them entry?  After all, one of the officers of the group that is trying to achieve your recognition has been recently out-crossing to German Shepherds and also advertising those dogs as German Shepherds from Shiloh lines, just like the others.  It appears that you are willing to give such progeny “credibility” via your organization. Is that correct??  Does this mean that all GSD/mixes may now enter your "new breed" UKC Shiloh Shepherd genepool?

Colleen Gott states on her website that


<<**Paragon's outcross program**  The Shiloh Shepherd is a breed that was created by intense line breeding and inbreeding of AKC German Shepherds many years ago.  In fact, at one time, all of the dogs in our Shiloh Shepherd pedigrees were AKC registered German Shepherds, with the exception of the first outcross used years ago, Secret Samson Woo. After using Secret Samson Woo, who was not a purebred German Shepherd, Rare Breed recognition was applied for and granted.  The kennel name "Shiloh", at which these breedings took place, was the name given to the new Rare Breed that was created - the Shiloh Shepherd.  Now, once more, has come the time for an introduction of new blood as many years of linebreeding have taken place again.  In an effort to overcome some of the intense line breeding and over usage of the same dogs up so close in our pedigrees, Paragon Shepherds is introducing into our breeding program, dogs that contain the "Old" lines from the very early days of the Shiloh Shepherd breed, that made the breed what it is. These dogs, AKC German Shepherds, with the Old Original lines, also contain a splash of new blood from German-German Shepherd lines, American-German Shepherd lines and some Czech lines.  >> (


How can you consider this hodgepodge as a legitimate breed definition?

Another of the members of the new group purporting to be the “International Shiloh Shepherd Club” states in her registry rules that:

<<OUTCROSS. a. The outcross must be of the German Shepherd family with a three generation pedigree and must be bred to a Shiloh Shepherd.>>

What does German Shepherd “family” mean? Any GSD/mix?

The fact that you would even consider recognizing this motley mix as a separate breed is an insult not only to the definition of Breed but also to every owner of a purebred dog.  If you must recognize them, please do so under another name, since our breed founder, Tina Barber, does own the common law rights to the name “Shiloh Shepherds” and all of our literature and websites have been copyrighted and continuously used the TM designation.  

Is  this “new”  “International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club”, not even in existence a month or two ago,  a cynical attempt to comply with your rules for recognition in order to enable a few breeders to mass produce their unpapered motley mutts?

While the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc. has run ads almost yearly since 1991, there has never been an ad for an “International Shiloh Shepherd Club” (ISSC?). The SSDCA has been listed as the national breed club for Shilohs in all of the major dog publications as well as on various independent websites.   The Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America is the only national breed club for Shiloh Shepherds, acknowledged and respected internationally!  Please refer to the feature on Shiloh Shepherds written by Phil Kristen in the February 2003 issue of Dog Fancy. You also may wish to review past issues of Dogs USA, Dog World, Puppies USA, etc

Please take a moment to view this Shiloh Shepherd Dog article in Wikipedia:

<<The Shiloh Shepherd Dog was developed by breed founder Tina Barber of Shiloh Kennels in New York state in a sustained effort over the last third of the 20th century. As the breed achieved wider recognition and popularity near the turn of the millennium imitators and dissident breed clubs and registries arose, creating considerable confusion about the breed. As a result trademark status was sought for the breed name. The breed has its own independent registry, the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, Inc.>>

You may also wish to note what Fred Lanting wrote in “Update in Hip Registries: 2001-2002”

<<The Shiloh Shepherd, basically a strain of GSD selected for larger size among other characteristics, also has a mean of 0.43 but the King Shepherd, a small splinter or dissident group from the Shiloh club’s original registry, has 0.5 as their mean DI. This could mean that the breeders and owners of King Shepherds are more lax than their dog’s hips! >>

Please note that the “Shiloh club’s original registry” to which he refers is the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry.  Indeed, Fred Lanting has judged/and or attended three Shiloh Shepherd Homecomings, since 1983 See also “Message from the Judge” for an article written by Fred for the Shiloh (Kennel) Newsletter in 1983 as well as photos from that year’s Homecoming. 

By allowing a variety of backyard breeders to unite and receive credibility for “their” various mixes and possible wolf hybrid crosses under a well-respected name like the “Shiloh Shepherd” in order to “legally” represent their possible hybrid-crosses, you are doing a great disservice to the American public! Is this how they plan to circumvent your requirements, in order to gain credibility for their various (non-GSD) mixes???

<<OUTCROSS.  a. The outcross must be of the Shepherd family and must be bred to a Shiloh Shepherd>>

Even the hybrid breeders are not pleased with this development because the serious ones take great care in properly screening their prospective new owners and properly socializing all of the pups they produce! Please take a moment to read just one short excerpt that explains how most of them feel.

<<Does it matter what a wolf-dog hybrid is called?  What 'breed'/type designation is used?  In some cases it matters very much.  When breeders try to disguise the fact that the animal is part wolf from their buyers and the public (for whatever reason), it may be a FATAL error.   More often it is fatal to the animal than the breeder/owner, however.>>    The Wolf Is At The Door, Inc. - What's in a name?

<<Developing dog breeds may be at risk of unplanned integration of wolf hybridization by unscrupulous breeders. One such case being what devoted Shiloh Shepherd enthusiasts refer to as the rape of the Shiloh Shepherd by wolf-dog hybrid breeders. The Shiloh Shepherd breed is not, and was never intended to be a wolf-dog hybrid breed. However, due to a few unscrupulous breeders, there are wolf-dog hybrids being sold under the name of Shiloh Shepherd>> (

How are you going to explain this to the public? We have the information that this site refers to and are certainly prepared to bring this to light and to name names!!!!  If the UKC has admitted them into your supposedly credible registry, the public has a right to know the truth!!

Are you aware that although a few states do not regulate wolf-dog ownership, most take this issue seriously? State laws may vary but strict restrictions apply due to the rabies problem.  Please refer to NWA, Legislative Issues- State Regulations? 

Please note just the few examples listed below:

Massachusetts: << "… hybrids obtained after April 10, 1994 are unlawful and subject to the enforcement provisions of the state's wildlife laws (MGL 131).">>.

New Hampshire: <<466-A:3 Prohibitions: No person shall sell, offer for sale, trade, give away, acquire, import, export, release or cause to be released a wolf hybrid in the state of New Hampshire, except as provided in paragraph 11, 11-a or 11-b.>>

New York: <<ECL Section 11-0511 and Regulations 6 NYCRR Part 180.1. Briefly, a wolf-hybrid is defined as "dangerous wildlife" in New York. A license is required to import, possess, transport or export a wolf-hybrid.>>

New Mexico: <<Wolf-dogs are banned in Bernalillo county and the City of Albuquerque. However, animals are grandfathered in. Breeding and selling are also banned. An exotic animal license is required for existing wolf-dogs in Albq.>>

Even your own state has these strict requirements:

Michigan: <<Possession, importation or breeding of wolf-dog crosses is prohibited in the state. ..  Owners must also post specific warning signs informing people of the presence of a dangerous wolf-dog. Permitting and prosecution is to be handled by the local jurisdiction in which the animal is located.>>

Do you plan to inform the USDA about the “UKC” Shiloh Shepherd?

Dedicated hybrid breeders intend to bring this travesty to the media in order to warn the public of the dangers they could encounter if they consider purchasing one of your “UKC” Shiloh Shepherds! How will you reply to their claims? They are prepared to prove what they will be saying—are you prepared to defend your stand? Endangering the general population; not to mention little children by providing UKC “breed” credibility to such monstrosities without any restrictions or public warnings could also expose you to potential lawsuits.  We certainly hope you are prepared to deal with these situations.

We do not look forward to the onslaught that this will bring forth against our dogs, but we are prepared to do whatever it takes to protect the reputation that the SSDCA and ISSR have  worked so hard to attain for the REAL Shiloh Shepherd!

We have an extremely strong support system, and a large worldwide membership! Full information regarding our parent club, the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc., and its affiliated chapters may be found on the club’s website.  

Links to our constitution, club history and breeders code of ethics may be found in our Shiloh Shepherd Learning Center

The SSDCA, Inc.  has several standing committees, with independent websites,  such as the Genetic Task Force, Show and Advertising Committees, etc.  Our chapters extend from British Columbia to Texas, from Ontario to Florida, from California to Rhode Island. With members in Europe, the Middle East, South America and Asia, our club’s outreach has always been international, despite the fact that its name may reflect our patriotism; our membership roster speaks for itself!! A large new chapter has even been formed in Europe!!  Our club has hosted more ISSR sanctioned shows and events than most individual breed organizations.  Please take some time to view the pictures we have shared, locally, just this past summer

 NESSA Specialty Homecoming 2004

The SSDCA has been publishing club newsletters since 1992. Three newsletters are published yearly, We are presently preparing our 35th issue! We have begun sharing our past issues as part of our history archives on our websites.    Please take a moment to visit our Shiloh Shepherd History Preservation Project.

With its thousands of photos and hundreds of published articles, our Shiloh Shepherd Learning Center has been the predominant and most informative location for information about the Shiloh Shepherd for nearly a decade!  Our Shiloh Shepherds Community Forums have gained over 620 active members in the last year alone.    We expect our new ISSR Shiloh Shepherds web ring, which already links to 54 sites, and our forums to continue growing at an even faster rate in years to come.

Counterfeit Shiloh Shepherd registries have been popping up over the years only to be torn apart by infighting among their members. These registries then crash and shifting alliances change, every so often a new one is started under a new name…ISSDCr, NSSBr, USSDCr, SSBA, TSSR just to name a few of the registries that have popped up over the past six years.  Some of this foolishness may be followed via our “Confusion” article.    The ISSR is the only registry for Shilohs that has been in existence for longer than two or three years at any given time. Additional information about our registry may be found at,inc.htm).  

In 2000-1, our ISSR, Inc. registry and the SSDCA, Inc. club co-sponsored the first of the breed’s health surveys, conducted in conjunction with Dr. George A. Padgett.  Full results were reported on our website.  Please review: ISSR Health Survey Update  2001”. Since 2001, our Genetic Task Force has had an ongoing online health survey.  We also maintain a continuous on line database of diseases that affect our dogs.   No other group purporting to “register” Shiloh Shepherds has done anything resembling our in-depth projects. Despite their claim of working toward the betterment of the Shiloh breed, two of the “leaders” of this “new” “International Shiloh Shepherd Club” did not even take part in the original survey; none of them have participated in the ongoing online survey where we continue to collect data.

Please take a few moments to read the many pages of information we have shared.  Continuous updates (including charts) are provided within our Health Survey 2000 link. 

The ISSR, Inc. has nearly 4000 specially selected Shiloh Shepherds in its database, as well as over 45,000 of their ancestors!!  All of our data is administered by database professionals under license to the ISSR since 1993.  Please contact Stephen and Barbara Betcher  ( of The Complete Computer Place in Killeen, TX for any verification you may require.   Our registry is continuously at work for the better of the Shiloh Shepherd Breed.   

Accordingly, we publish a list, updated yearly, of the litters born by kennel.  Please review ISSR, Inc. Registered Litters (1991-2003).  

We also give the current status of all breeders who have ever been licensed to breed Shiloh Shepherds. 

The Shiloh Shepherd was built on the Littermate X-Ray (LMX) system --LMX data is at the HEART of this breed, without it, they are just GSD mixes!  Please take a moment to read Tina's article, that explains her strict breeding protocols since 1962!! 

We would also like you to review just some of our many registry reports and publications.

Hip Ratings of ISSR, Inc. Shiloh Shepherds™   

as well as  our Litter Evaluation Program Manual  and sample reports.   Additional links are provided on each page.

Since the early nineties we have had a web presence on various dog websites.  Since 1997 we have conducted an extensive public education program via our own websites and public forums to try to protect the public from those “breeders” that are only interested in making a quick profit by using our name, without having to adhere to the quality that is required by the ISSR. Please refer to Real Questions Honest Answers from the Shiloh Shepherd Breed Founder   

To prevent the pitfalls of glutting the market place with inferior puppy mill quality progeny that have extremely questionable temperaments, and potentially serious health problems only breeders who have signed Tina Barber’s License Agreement are allowed to register their dogs within the ISSR

We do not consider any of the other various mixes to be "Shiloh Shepherds" because none of them have been developed via the breed founder’s LMX program that has always emphasized good hips, sound temperament, and a specific type.  For a clearer picture of the present situation created by the various profiteers that refused to follow the strict ISSR breeding protocols, please take a moment to read Broken Hearted Breed Founder: 2004 Update.

On your web site you state:

<<I shall plan each breeding with the paramount intention of improving the breed. >> UKC Breeder's Code of Ethics


Now we would like to ask you how you expect to enforce this part of your code of ethics in regard to the "new" breed you are considering.... since none of the "officials" are affiliated with the Breed founder, the ISSR, or the SSDCA, Inc.  Do you just plan to ignore your own words too?

Your website also states in reference to Puppy Mills:  

<< U.K.C. was the first to take an aggressive stand against puppy mills. U.K.C. was the first to publish and enforce the Breeder's Code of Ethics, reserving the right to inspect kennels and to "DNA profile dogs pursuant to the maintenance of the integrity of U.K.C. records" as well as to bar those found to be in violation, from the registry.>>

If this is true, how can you possibly accept (or even consider) an application proposed for the Shiloh Shepherd breed by a few rogue (puppy mill) breeders that have failed to uphold their Licensed Breeders Agreement and are now seeking credibility from your organization?? Please reference Puppy Producers: What Are They?  

The Shiloh Shepherd is a relatively new breed that is still under development by its breed founder, Tina Barber.  The stud books have not been closed; any out-crossing  and addition of  any “new blood” is done slowly and with great care by the Breed Founder (Breed Warden), not by any back yard breeder who chooses to do so based on their own criteria. 

<<Kyros   is an AKC registered longhaired German Shepherd from Selah Shepherds He will be used to sire AKC registered German Shepherd litters.  He will also be used as part of our Shiloh Shepherd outcross program from time to time. He is considered a Level 1 outcross in our Shiloh Shepherd registry>> 

 Is this what the UKC promotes these days? If these dogs are AKC certified German Shepherds, how can you register them as UKC Shiloh Shepherds?

Even respected German Shepherd breeders seem to know the difference! Please take a look at this very highly respected Long Haired German Shepherd website The Long Haired German Shepherd Dog

 <<Note:  The long haired or coated German Shepherd is NOT a Shiloh Shepherd. 
The Shiloh Shepherd is a rare breed that was created by Tina Barber using the German Shepherd breed.  Ms. Barber began breeding German Shepherds at her Shiloh Kennel.  Later, she created the Shiloh Shepherd breed using the German Shepherd stock and other breed(s).  If you are interested in learning more about the Shiloh Shepherd, please visit one of these links:>>

In conclusion, we would like to assure you that our membership was appalled to discover that you were even considering perpetuating such a travesty against our beloved dogs. Therefore we would like to request a meeting between our Executive and Advisory Board members, Chapter Leaders and ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeders and your New Breed Committee at your earliest possible convenience.

The members of the original SSDCA, Inc. and all ISSR, Inc. Licensed Breeders stand united in our desire to allow Tina Barber to fulfill her vision in creating this breed. We do not want to see her work usurped by a small group of imposters (with mixed breed dogs posing as Shiloh Shepherds) who claim to be representatives for the entire breed.

We hope that the enclosed chart will help you to get a better understanding of the positions we have tried to emphasize in this letter.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

This letter is being sent by certified mail, faxed to the New Breed Committee, as well as emailed.  On behalf of the membership of the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc., I request an official reply that can be shared with our entire membership within the next 10 days. Although we would prefer not to seek such a drastic recourse, we are prepared to embark on taking legal action to preserve the integrity of our Shiloh Shepherds if it is deemed necessary.


Karen Ursel

Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc.
International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, Inc.

.cc  Nicholas P. Barone, Esq.


1.  ISSR/ UKC Bogus New Applicants Comparison Chart

2. Samples of some bogus "New Shiloh" pedigrees

3, Sample of a recent ISSR pedigree

4. Forum sponsored by the dissident groups; originally started in June 2000; current incarnation in Oct. 2003.

5.  Shiloh Shepherds Community Forums established 11/2003.  Please note that as of Oct. 14 2004 we have 627 members and continue to grow daily.



Shiloh History Links

|What is a Shiloh Shepherd™? | Kennel of Origin: The Real History of the Shiloh Shepherd | 40 Years of Shiloh Shepherd History | Broken Hearted Breed Founder: 2004 Update |

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Health Survey (2000) and Ongoing Genetic Task Force Database:

Although the ISSR has continuously worked toward the betterment of the Shiloh Shepherd through our breed founder's LMX (Littermate X-Ray) program, in 2000-1 the ISSR and SSDCA sponsored a breed health survey under the direction of Dr. George A. Padgett.  Our Genetic Task Force has  continued to collect data through  our on line health survey.  Please take the time to view the findings. 

Importance of the health survey
(Summer 2000)

Health Survey 2000
(a word from the Breed founder)

Health Survey 2000 Preliminary Results
Health Survey 2000 Final Results
(Fall SSDCA NEWSLETTER 2001, includes Dr. Padgett's report)
GTF Database
(Reported diseases from 2000 Health Survey)
Ongoing On-Line Health Survey

The ISSR continuously at work for the betterment of the Shiloh Shepherd since 1991.


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Within a few days, Shiloh Shepherdfanciers from all over wrote letters stating their concerns while others signed a petition expressing their dismay.

Letters to the UKC  | Petition

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