This potential UKC take over of our beloved breed could have been devastating to the future welfare of these dogs, as we know them today!  Although all rare breed clubs seem to be riddled with political strife from time to time, ours has had to endure more dissension then most!  The ISSR rules are not easy for people to live with, and many have tried to usurp themselves by attempting to start their 'own' bogus registries.  History has already proven that these efforts have been fruitless, creating even more conflict among the various ranks, while severely decreasing/polluting the entire genepool!!

As a last ditch effort to gain some credibility for the motley mixes that were left within the various small factions, four self proclaimed "registrars" applied to the UKC for recognition.  Within days Shiloh Shepherd fanciers from around the world stood up to the challenge, and started preparing letters to the UKC, while the SSDCA board prepared a detailed one to the president of the UKC, along with several attachments. 

Please take a moment to view this amazing chain of events via the web pages we have prepared to document each step of our battle.  If you would like to see how the real Shiloh owners reacted to the news, right from day one, please join our forums!

SSDCA, Inc. Responds to the UKC Our Members Respond Public Petition: Everyone Responds


  ISSR, Inc. Shiloh Shepherds Group requesting recognition from the UKC
Month/Year National Breed Club Formed

Incorporated July, 1991. Has continued to provide newsletters, sponsor events, and hold yearly Homecomings consistently! Membership has been growing & our public forums are/always have been larger & stronger then any/all of the splinter groups combined!

Sep. 2004

No club has managed to survive the discord.

Club website Web presence since 1994 on various dog related sites, over 276,000 visitors since 1998 to our own website. None
Email forums Continuously since 1999; open to general public, over 620 members in our Infopop bulletin board forums

Dec 2007

Our forums have doubled in size (1730 members). Excellent information has been shared among the thousands of friendly posts per month.  If you would like to meet our happy Shiloh Shepherd owners, and view the thousands of pictures they have shared, please join us!

No public forum, 120 members in Shiloh Zone free email group started in 2000.


Sep 2007

New forum started in late 2004 boasts 469 members. Zone has dropped to fewer than 100. The other forums have been basically stagnant since their inception.  The new sliver group is actively spewing lies against Tina Barber in order to "get rid" of her presence so that their lies can fool the public. 


ISSR incorporated 1991, nearly 4,000 dogs registered, over 49,000 in database.

Data professionally handled since 1993 by outside agency dedicated to serving this breed.

Various homegrown “registries” that splintered from a registry that left the ISSR in 1998 and was dissolved in 2001. Includes a few hundred former ISSR dogs plus various mixed progeny, dual registered within several factions.

Health Survey

Health Survey 2000 launched by ISSR, Inc/SSDCA, Inc. under the direction of Dr. Padgett.  SSDCA reports published on web in 2001. 
Ongoing online survey since 2001

Littermate X-Ray Information collected since 1962.

Information shared on web Litters born per year, litters produced by each breeder since 1991, hip data; health survey results and updates, disease database No information available
National breed club Breeders Code of Ethics Yes, since 1991, available on website since 1992.

Several registry websites

No official club representation

Outcross 3 outcrosses (non GSD) over the last 16 years carefully chosen by the breed founder/breed warden to achieve her vision for the Shiloh Shepherd dog.

Numerous GSD/Czech/LH GSD/? Mixed Shiloh outcrosses chosen at the discretion of the individual BYB over the past 3 years.

Working with the breed founder to achieve her vision of the Shiloh shepherd

166 Licensed Breeders since 1991.


Consistent growth since inception.


441  litters produced between 1991-2007 with 30 litters anticipated in 2008.


Licensed Breeders


Registered Kennel Names

Many of the backyard breeders associated with this group became involved in the mid to late 90’s. Prior to their association with Shilohs, many bred GSD’s or hybrids. They have  been doing their own thing since 1998.


Their association with the ISSR may be traced via the Licensed Breeder Matrix.


Provides educational information for general public and Shiloh fanciers

Sponsors numerous events and shows yearly since 1990

Extensive websites, numerous articles, published manuals, booklets.

Private email forums since 1997.

Various small individual “registry”  and puppy sale sites, no/false educational materials available.
SSDCA Inc. Responds to the UKC | Our Members Respond | Public Petition: Everyone Responds |

Hit Counter




As of March 2007, the ISSR has continued to grow steadily.  Our Shiloh Shepherd Community Forums have also grown to over 1530 members with over 65,000 posts while the 'shilohs" group has continued to struggle for members as well as posts. 

Furthermore, over the past few years this group has done nothing positive for the future welfare of this breed!

NO Health Survey was ever organized or conducted.

NO positive program was ever incorporated!

"Health Testing" in and of itself is a good tool when used properly! Just testing individual dogs will never improve the overall quality of a "breed"; as has just been proven in the case of CHD where OFA good dogs can/do still produce dysplastic progeny. 

The Shiloh Shepherd was built on the LMX program and will never attain its true potential without it!

NO public education programs have ever been implemented.

The only information that has been presented either consists of  misconceptions or outright lies! For some good examples of this propaganda, please view the stories I've shared on Tina Speaks.


1. Push Puppy Sales! Even on their club home page, you will find links to upcoming litters, available pups, older pups, etc.  Dozens of litters are being produced, but obviously the public isn't buying their lies like they used to and now some of those pups are advertised in local papers, on internet puppy mill sites and even on Live Auctions!

2. Attempt to convince the public that any dog that "resembles" a long haired GSD should qualify to be called a "Shiloh" and then bred as often as possible in order to produce lots of "high priced" pups!

Don't Fall for the "FRAUD"!

3. Encouraged their puppy buyers to make fools of themselves by showing their faulty "shiloh wannabees" at public events! Please read my Broken Hearted Breed Founder series.

4. Most of all, they have attacked me in every way they possibly think of! Their antics have turned into comical, albeit aggravating assaults against me, in an attempt to discredit "me" (so I will "back off" and let them continue to use my name?) LOL.  Unfortunately, they can't see how much damage they are doing to the breed! Not only via their misguided "outcross"  (breed whatever you can find that looks a bit like a shepherd) program, but also the real owners that are being confused by the imposters!

Many people have turned away from this breed because they simply don't want to deal with the nasty politics aka "bickering" that has continued since the slivers started out on their journey to destroy the real Shiloh Shepherd!

To learn more about the sordid slivers past antics, please click on Wall of Shame.

For additional information, don't miss Caveat Emptor: Buyer Beware!


September 2007 Update

Over the past six months the original/present parent club (Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc.) and the ISSR, Inc. (the original registry) have continued to grow and educate the public about the real deal.

In the meantime, the slivers are spending a fortune trying to get their puppy producer web sites into all of the search engines, so that they can sell their puppies to the unsuspecting public!! Try a web search and you will find a few of OUR educational sites, and LOTS OF THEIR LIES!! They have also been very busy trying to control the wiki site, by changing the breed history to state things like "various breeders" developed these dogs in their attempt to make people think that this "breed' came about by some random actions????

THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE A BREED STANDARD!! AS OF THIS MONTH WE HAVE REQUESTED THAT ARBA REMOVE OUR COPYRIGHT PROTECTED STANDARD!! For more details, please read this article regarding BREED DEVELOPMENT. We hope that it will help honest puppy seekers to discover the truth, despite the fact that so many sites are publishing false information presented to them by the slivers that just want to sell their GSD pups for more money!! DON'T FALL FOR THE "FRAUD"! The number of fake "shiloh" "puppy producers" has continued to increase at a dramatic rate, because to them it's a "money making" fad!! Don't be foolish enough to support their efforts, you will only be paying a lot more $$ for a "pet quality" (back yard breeder) GSD!! Don't trust the puppy mill sites that are only spewing forth the sliver lies!! They are only interested in the $$ they are getting from the puppy ads the slivers are running!!

However, a few honest web hosts have been putting up the truth!! Because the facts speak for themselves!! We have the history (via old kennel newsletters, etc.) to prove what we claim!!! Be sure to take a look at this 8 year old article written by the breed founder in 1999!  It clearly proves that the Shiloh Shepherd is NOT a GSD!! This "breed's" foundation was carefully selected out of thousands of GSD dogs produced at Konigin/Shiloh kennels SINCE 1962!!!

Only LMX dogs --with solid hip data for many generations-- were used, to set the foundations, and LMI data has been recorded ever since!! Every ISSR Shiloh Shepherd owner can order a detailed pedigree that can provide them with up to 14 generations of this data!

Investigate B - 4 - U Invest




April May 2008 Update

ARBA still has not replaced our original Breed Standard, yet continues to allow anything that 'claims' to be a 'shiloh' to enter their events! Our club has been raising funds to stop the sliver lies, if you would like to support the REAL deal, please donate too! Support the Future welfare of the Real Shiloh Shepherd!

As of this month, the slivers 'have' come up with a very generic standard, that could fit almost any breed -- please read MY reply to this foolishness!!   Same Name - Different Breed!
Eighteen years ago I wrote this article [What is a Shiloh Shepherd (1990)] but obviously the slivers have not bothered to read it, or any of the other ones I have been posting since!! Please take some time to research the TRUTH -- every article I have written is FULLY documented! Tina's Politically Incorrect Articles

Then join our forums, nearly 2,000 members strong, and talk to the REAL breeders and owners of these magnificent dogs! Our members share their trials and triumphs -- as well as thousands of awesome pics -- with NO ulterior motives (like trying to sell you a mixed breed puppy for lots of money)



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