The facts listed below are being presented in an attempt to warn the public regarding the fraudulent scams that they could encounter while investigating the Shiloh Shepherd.

As an introduction to the detailed matrices listed below,
please consider these facts:

1.  The Shiloh Shepherd is not a "recognized" "breed" of dog! Rare Breeds: What Are They?

2. Shiloh Shepherds have been bred privately (and AKC registered as German Shepherds) since 1974.  Kennel of Origin:  The Real History of the Shiloh Shepherd

3. In 1990 Tina Barber wrote a specific Breed Standard and an  article that explained her goals for these dogs. 

4. In 1991 the ISSR, Inc. was incorporated to maintain all genetic data on the dogs that were selected for gene pool expansion and all of their progeny! Detailed private records were entered into a specially designed program that would be capable of producing state of the art reports and calculating relationship coefficients and other genetic probability reports. This database has continued to be upgraded and expanded with specific data on over 47,000 pertinent entries already available.   For more information, please view these links.

5. In 1991 a parent club was also formed to take on the challenge of promoting and protecting the future welfare of the breed, as well as all future owners and fanciers, as per our SSDCA, Inc. Constitution (voted in by the members).  Since its inception over 14 years ago, the club has continuously maintained its integrity.  Detailed information has been recorded yearly and we have been placing much of this history into our club history archives.  No secrets, no surprises, nothing has been (or ever will be)  hidden! The good--the bad--and the ugly can be easily accessed via our public websites! 

6. Since its inception, the club has been plagued by political strife, as various members attempted to exploit the Shiloh Shepherd name for personal gain. Even though each small battle was won,  the breed always ended up suffering gene pool casualties.  Most of the instigators vanished, but new power/greed driven ones continue to appear on the scene. SSDCA Officers:  Where Are They Now?

7. The good reputation that the Shiloh Shepherd had earned during its first three decades of development was slowly being tarnished by those that chose to call their GSD mixes "Shilohs" in order to sell more of their puppies at greatly inflated prices. In 1998 one group even attempted to start their "own" registry, willing to "issue" papers for many of the dogs that were not suitable for breeding as per the strict ISSR rules and regulations

Now dogs that failed to meet the ISSR requirements for sound hips-stable temperaments and superior size could still produce pups with other inferior quality specimens and their owners could charge outrageous prices for them because they were being represented as papered Shiloh Shepherds!

8. Of course, this new "registry" didn't last long because the dissidents could not even agree with each other, so it started splintering into several "new" "registries". Please take some time to read Confusion slowly! If you are in a hurry, just check Confusing Acronyms.

9. Within three years, the "main" renegade club and registry went defunct! That's when all of the other "registries" started competing against each other, and those inside of their cabal  started to expose the "fraud" that their former comrades were perpetuating  behind the scenes!

a. Dogs that clearly failed their test requirements (even those that were diagnosed with SAS) were being allowed to breed under a new "loophole" later exposed as the "Grandfather" clause.

b. Heavy inbreeding that was banned by the ISSR (due to the potential genetic defects that are associated with this practice) was encouraged by breeders that claimed this would allow them to increase size.  All caution was tossed to the wind!

c. As soon as puppies started dying of genetic defects caused by the massive inbreeding, a new idea emerged: outcrossing! Without any thought to proper selection or the possible impact this mish-mash would have on the entire gene pool, all breeders were encouraged to find dogs that came from "The Shepherd Family" (of course, this includes mutts, wolf-hybrids, etc.) and the "new registry" would happily provide "papers" for these dogs and their progeny!

d. Worst of all, no documentation of legal pedigrees (or even legal ownership) would be necessary! Papers are being issued to anyone that is willing to ask for them and include proper payment! Just like those listed in this report! About Dog Registries and Kennel Clubs.

How is this practice any different from what these other "self-proclaimed" registries are doing? Read the AKC Takeover of Rare Breeds for a discussion between a Coton owner and the FIC.  Then compare this to the cases we have documented on our Wall of Shame.

10.  In 2004, they all "united" in an attempt to gain some semblance of credibility via the UKC. The SSDCA, Inc. members immediately responded and won their case. This greatly upset the dissidents and in retaliation they formed the ISSDC, claiming to embrace all registries into their new club and accept any dog that wants to call itself a "Shiloh" even providing free membership to their owners! Sounds good? Well, let's see how long this will last! At this point they don't even have a legitimate breed standard, nor a specific registry (data collection center) that properly represents "their" breed!


These people are just selling their inferior quality GSD/mixes that do not qualify for any kind of registration papers except their own computer print outs!

If you can't afford a real Shiloh Shepherd--please consider purchasing a nice Long Haired GSD!

For further details please examine the Matrix listed below.

Please click on the chart to view an expanded version. To print the expanded version, please set your printer to landscape..

Breeding requirements as per the individual "registries"  Breed Standards/Rules


Please click on the chart to view an expanded version. To print the expanded version, please set your printer to landscape..


Penn Hip ratings of .5 or higher, such as .6 or .7, simply mean that the hips are 50-60-70% out of the socket; therefore they are considered as dysplastic by any/all experts!

DJD=Degenerative joint disease and this rarely occurs at a young age!

Please review Methods of Hip Certification.


Important Notice

Choosing an Outcross:

The Shiloh Shepherd is a breed that is still under development; the stud books are not closed. Periodically "new blood" is required.  However, the selection of an inferior outcross could pollute the entire gene pool, leading to eventual self-destruction.
  Extreme caution and intense genetic investigation must be conducted to prevent a disastrous outcome.  For more information, please read Don't Fall 4 The "Fraud".

Before purchasing a Shiloh Shepherd puppy take some time to investigate our Licensed Breeder Matrix! Only active ISSR Licensed Breeders are working with the breed's founder, Tina Barber, for the future betterment of this breed!

Please click on the chart to view an enlarged version. To print this version, please set your printer to landscape..

DNA only proves the parentage of the individual dog if/when compared to the DNA of his/her parents.  It can only serve to validate that his progeny were/were not sired by him.  No other genetic information is provided via a DNA sample!

Breed Club Accomplishments for the Dogs and Those that Love Them

Year formed 1991 Originally 1997, closed 2001, reborn 2004
Breed Standard Written by Tina M. Barber in 1990 exclusively for the ISSR Shiloh Shepherd; copyright TX-6-201-686 None; currently using the ISSR Breed Standard without permission, thus violating US Copyright Law and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
Registry ISSR, Inc. established in 1991 with over 5 decades of carefully documented data. Data divided between NSBR, TSSR, SSBAR, NKC, ARBA, NCA, APRI: no documentation required; papers issued for a fee.
Constitution 1991 2004
Elected board members Elected every 3 years by the membership. None at this time
Board members named on website Yes Founding president and her successor as well as the treasurer have already resigned.
Promote/protect the breed

Since 1990 continuous campaigns have been organized to present the Shiloh Shepherd at Pet Expos and various public events. Breeding quality dogs encouraged to attend shows in order to represent proper breed type to the general public.

Pets with disqualifying faults encouraged to show in order to sell more puppies to the unsuspecting public--breed ads splattered on many unethical puppy mill sites! Web blogs and articles spewing forth hatred for the Breed Founder are linked to their home page.


Thousands of articles and printed literature (Introduction to the Shiloh Shepherd and The Shiloh Shepherd in Word and Picture, ISSR Shiloh Shepherd Litter Evaluation Program Manual, written by Tina M. Barber)  mailed / distributed from coast to coast in order to properly introduce this breed to the public at large.

No breed related education, only slanderous lies, rumors and innuendos being hailed as new "revelations" in an attempt to discredit the breed founder so that they can sell more inferior puppies.


Advertisements consistently placed in major dog publications for the past 15 years; limited to ISSR approved Licensed Breeders.

Only one huge co-op ad to date, listing breeders/owners
Internet presence Internet presence growing since 1997 with 690 megabytes chock full of information on our websites; our site  has consistently maintained the #1 spot on the major search engines for 8 years.  Over 79,000 visitors to the home page in the past year alone!

As of 10/2005 we have over 42,000 pictures and articles  represented on  4 major websites

The ISSR Shiloh Shepherd webring consisting of nearly 100 sites.

Shiloh Shepherds Community Forums--over  1100 members with heavy daily traffic

Yahoo groups forum-232 members listed but only a small percentage actually post.

Web presence as of early 2005, focused on:

1.  listing all of their "self-proclaimed" breeders with all of their new and older unsold puppies

2. bashing the breed founder

3. unequivocally united in an effort to exploit the Shiloh Shepherd name for personal profit.

Breed Specific Educational articles

100's of breed, genetics and training articles published by the breed's founder since the 70's (reprinted here with her permission).

Illustrated Breed Standard 2005 To date, SSDCA members have raised/donated thousands of dollars to commission renowned artist Linda Shaw for specific illustrations. None--any club funds used to just sell puppies
Breed History Complete documentation on various website pages:
Origins of the Shiloh Shepherd
Real History of the Shiloh Shepherd
What is a Shiloh Shepherd
Shiloh History: the First 40 Years

2006: The release of The Shiloh Shepherd Story: Against the Wind--A Breed Is Born.
Club Committees Genetic Task Force (collecting disease data)
Grievance Committee
(supporting the membership)
Breed Recognition Committee  
(investigating new venues)
Show Committee
(Plans yearly shows and the National)
Advertising Committee
(prepares Club/Licensed Breeders co-op ads for various magazines)
Newsletter Editor
(compiles articles, photos and pertinent data)

Regional directors and chapters since 1991, presently 9  affiliated chapters across the US, Canada and Europe.

1 chapter in Canada announced in August 2005
Breeder Education

OSS: Original Shiloh Shepherd Academy for newly licensed ISSR breeders in training

VIB: Very Important Breeder Program

Breeders Code of Ethics Yes, since 1991

Although mentioned in its constitution and by-laws dated 6/1/04, not available on their website  as of 10/05.




Shiloh Shepherd Wall of Shame
| Who Are These People? | Acronyms: What Are They? |

Shiloh History Timeline | Shiloh "Fraud" |

For complete details regarding cases of "fraud",

please take a moment to visit Tina Speaks!



Cabal: a clique (often secret) that seeks power usually through intrigue  (WordNet 2003 Princeton University)

"Pure Shilohs" - This consists of temporary/permanent papered dogs that have been born within this system (litter papered) out of properly registered ISSR breed stock. Puppies that have never upgraded their papers (although legitimate) are not included in this report.

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