Year formed 1991 2001 2002 2002
Parent Club SSDCA, Inc. since 1991 None prior to 2004, now ISSDC? although no parent club is listed on their website as of 10/05 None prior to 2004, now ISSDC SSBA although no info about this organization is available on their website as of 10/05
# of pure Shilohs registered? Over 4000 Unknown Unknown Unknown
# of ancestors in database Over 45,000 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Data processing center TCCP in Killeen, TX since 1993 Private Keeps changing Keeps changing
Breeders Guided by Breed Founder/Breed Warden No one Breeders Coalition No one
Breed Warden experience 40 plus years involvement with GSDs/developing the Shiloh Shepherd breed No REB's (reputable experienced breeders) available. No guidance provided.  For more information, please read our UKC letter. Breeders Coalition member: must have 5 years of experience with the breed or 3  litters over 2 years of age. Please reference Puppy Producers: What Are They? Not applicable
Breeder Qualifications Licensed via the ISSR Licensed Breeder Contract None/unknown None/unknown None/unknown
Breeders Code of Ethics Very intense and enforced through its parent club, the SSDCA None

"No rules, just right."

Yes; appears to be derived from the SSDCA Breeders Code of Ethics; group is fading quickly. Info not available
Registry Rules Very strict; consistently enforced for the welfare of the breed and benefit of all future owners. Very lax, almost any GSD gets papers. Rules revised 10/05; derived from the ISSR, appear strict but not enforced. Info not available
Respects Co-ownerships Yes, the same as any reputable organization does. No Yes, claims to do so but unverified. Info not available